How To Turn Your Mundane Videos Into Artsy Video Clips Using Prisma

    Prisma, a photo editing app that turns mundane images to artsy paintings, rolled out an update to its app with support for a 15-second video clip. Currently, the update is being pushed only to the iOS devices with the update for Android smartphones rolling soon.

    How To Turn Your Mundane Videos Into Artsy Video Clips Using Prisma

    The company touted that support for GIF will also be rolled out soon. There is no word on how long it would take, though.

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    It took no time for Prisma to go viral when it was launched in June this year. In fact, it was downloaded more than 10 million times within the first month of its availability. Prisma makes use of deep learning algorithms to create a new image (of whatever the image fed to it) from scratch thereby giving it a cartoonish effect.

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    Here's everything you need to know about the newly rolled out video support on Prisma.

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    How to record videos on Prisma

    Recording playable videos on Prisma is as simple as recording videos on any other app.

    To do this, open the app, select the video option located at the bottom of your screen and start recording videos. That's all of it.


    9 different filters available

    Once you've recorded a 15-second video, apply different filters to give it a comic-like look. Currently, there are only nine filters available which include Candy, Cold Fish, Paper Art, Illegal Beauty, Tokyo, Gothic, Curly Hair, The Scream, and Roy.

    However, given the company's history, the number will escalate quickly.

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    How much time will it take to process

    According to the company, the video processing differs from one device to the other. For the recently launched Apple iPhone 7, it will take around 30 seconds to process the video with the processing time doubling (approximately) for the iPhone 6s.

    When will it come to Android

    There is no official word on the specific date of availability of the app for Android ecosystem. That said, you can expect it to come to Android a couple of weeks or a month later.

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    One big question remains

    All said and done, one big question remains. If it takes 30 seconds to process a video on the iPhone 7 (which has top-notch hardware) how long is it going to take on a budget Android smartphone?

    Only time will answer this question. It'd be interesting to see how the company approaches this problem.

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