10 Great Ways Inbox by Gmail Can Save Your Time

    Gmail is always good, but do you think Inbox by Gmail can be better for you? It is Google's approach to email organization as well as management.

    10 Great Ways Inbox by Gmail Can Save Your Time

    It might take time to get used to, but it will provide a simpler email workflow that makes it worth adopting. The best thing about it is that there is no need for an invite to use it.

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    If you are confused about switching over to Inbox, we will show you some ways in which you can have a better email experience. Take a look at the content below to know more about what Inbox by Gmail has got to offer for you.

    10 Great Ways Inbox by Gmail Can Save Your Time

    Inbox Options and Settings

    You can find the options and settings of Inbox in any of the five settings that are given below.

    Toolbar appears when you hover over a message: When you hover the cursor over a message, you will get options to pin an email, mark it or snooze it. The pop-up menu will appear when you click on the option Move to in the toolbar.

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    The Compose button with a big red plus icon is located at the bottom right corner in inbox. The Settings dialog of Inbox can be got by clicking on the hamburger icon located at the top left oin the interface. You can open the Settings of any bundle by hovering on the link in the sidebar and clicking on the gear icon.

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    10 Great Ways Inbox by Gmail Can Save Your Time

    Inbox by Google - Capabilities

    Now, let us take a look at how the Inbox by Google can help save both your time and effort.


    With Inbox, you can make your emails as to-do lists. It will treat it likewise before understanding that most emails require you to take some action. Inbox lets you mark emails as done and not read or archived. This way, there is a different spin added to email management.


    Inbox takes the burden of sorting the emails and places similar emails in different groups that are called Bundles. While setting up Inbox initially, you will be asked to choose the type of emails you like to see in a bundle. There are bundles such as Trips, Updates, Promos, Forums, and Finance. You can also create new ones if you want.


    Inbox knows what kind of data you are looking for be it flight timing or car rental. It keeps the important data highlighted at all times by means of scannable cards to make it easy for you to identify. On searching a link, email address or phone number, Assist will bring up the additional information that it assumes you might need.


    For any open email, Inbox lists three text snippets under the message. There are replies that are crafted by Inbox making it time saving for you. Once you click on a snippet, a new draft appears along with the snippet pasted in the body of the email you are sending as reply. Review you the same by clicking on Send. Inbox will note the changes that you make and learn from the same. This way, you can craft from a better response. There is a Smart Reply feature to work the way up for more complex sentences as well.


    Email searches are problematic when it comes to looking through the results to find the needed information. Inbox knows that it can be time consuming and it does its best to give the right information to the top. It also shows relevant results in Top results and All results.


    Inbox makes it smooth to track travel plans with the trip bundle that will gather all emails that are related to the trips you make. You can also view upcoming and completed trips. You can also share the trip summaries with your friends and family easily. You just have to open a trip bundle, and clck on the Share icon that is a right facing curved arrow. It will prompt you to fill in the email address of the recipient and hit Share.


    When you get an email that is identified by Inbox as a to-do, it will suggest that you add a reminder to the same. You can accept the suggestion by simply clicking on Add Reminder. This way, you just have to accept the reminder suggestions by Inbox and continue till it prompts you to take action.


    Emails that are not needed right now are usually a distraction as you have to skip them to get the ones that are needed. To handle the situation, Inbox lets you snooze the emails for a later use. Snoozing will hide emails temporarily and move them back to the inbox whenever needed. You can Snooze them again as well.


    It could be annoying to have many update and promotional emails in your Inbox. You can make it display the bundles in your inbox just once a day or week. However, you cannot change the time when the bundles will appear in your inbox. You can adjust the frequency by clicking on Settings for the bundle and choosing the required frequency.


    Inbox makes use of intelligent scanning to sort the emails, provide suggestions for replies, reminders, and searches, and highlight key information. The more you use Inbox, the more relevant it will be in terms of suggestions.

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