Is Downloading Narendra Modi's Official App Safe? Let's Find Out!

Consider these points before downloading and using the Narendra Modi official app.

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A few days after the government put a ban on the high denomination currency notes to combat the black money, Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested the citizens of India to take the Narendra Modi App survey, and comment on the recent demonetization via a tweet.

Is Downloading Narendra Modi's Official App Safe? Let's Find Out!

Narendra Modi recently tweeted from his personal tweeter account requesting citizens to share the first-hand view on demonetization along with the link of the official Prime Minister app available for both Android and iOS users, where the citizens are required to share their opinions on demonetization.

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The government is aiming to make India "go digital" and is also planning to launch a few more apps for Android and iOS users per day considering the huge amount of investments on developing apps by the Government of India, reports The Quint.

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However, with the official Narendra Modi App available in both Google Play Store and Apple's Apps Store, here are the reasons why there has been a big question on whether the app is recording the user data, which has put a big question on the user's privacy.

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Narendra Modi App Link

Narendra Modi had tweeted requesting users to share a first-hand view on demonetization along with which he had also mentioned the link to the Official Narendra Modi App as app, whereas the link to the official Narendra Modi app is and we have checked the same.

Domain Name of Narendra Modi App is?

All government related app on Play Store should have the domain name as Government of India, whereas on clicking the link provided by PM Narendra Modi in the tweet shows the domain name as Narendra So is there something fishy?

Publisher or Owner of the App is Narendra Modi?

When checking out the details of the app, in the "Offered by" section it says Narendra Modi, whereas yet again any government related app should be offered by the "Government of India".

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Other Narendra Modi App's Available

Well, going through the App store, we at Gizbot recognized that there is a Narendra Modi App, which states "Narendra Modi App of Prime Minister of India" and is also offered by the Government of India. However, in the tweet, there was no mention of this link.

Narendra Modi App Operated by PM Modi as an Individual?

After pointing out these instances, there comes a question if the app that the PMO has requested the citizens to share their view on demonetization is operated directly by Narendra Modi rather than the Government of India. Well, the question still pertains and has still not been answered.

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