Here's How To Quickly Spot A Fake App in Google Play Store

Consider these tips before downloading an app next time to save yourself from spammers

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People using Play Store must have noticed apps with a similar name, which often confuses a user to spot a fake and an original app. Downloading a fake app wasted time, data and is also risky for the smartphone as well as the user.

Here's How To Quickly Spot A Fake App in Google Play Store

There are hundreds and thousands of apps available in Google Play Store. This makes it difficult for the user to find the original version of the app, which means they are highly prone in downloading a fake app on their smartphones.

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Well, downloading these fake apps can be a matter of serious concern as some of them contain intense viruses and malware, which may misuse your personal information stored in the device.

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It is often that scammers build these applications to steal users personal data, be it numbers, documents, bank card details, pictures or anything within the smartphone.

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#1 Check for the Publisher

The user should be careful enough to check for the details of the publisher as it often happens that scammers and hackers use similar names to confuse users and making them download the wrong, fake app.

#2 Don't Forget To Check For The Customer Reviews

Whether an app is fake or real, checking the review right below the app confirms it. Just in case the app has a negative impact on download, reading the customer review will surely reveal it, and if the review is bad, most probably its because of that not the original app.

Also, in case if it's a fake app, it might not have any comments by the customers, whereas an original app always gets a feedback comment.

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#3 App Publish Date is a Recent One?

Most of the time, a fake app with having the publish date as the recent one, which is often build up after the original app. So, the original app will always have "update on" date unlike that of the fake ones.

#4 Check For Spelling Errors

Often, a fake app may have spelling errors in the description or title unlike that of the original app, which will never have any error.

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