Make full use of Google Cardboard with these 5 Offbeat Apps

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While HTC Vive, Oculus Rift comes with support of multiple VR apps, the support is quite limited when it comes to Google Cardboard.

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Rather most of the supported apps of Google Cardboard aren't as immersive and intuitive when compared to those of premium headset. So just in case you are wondering here is a list of 5 offbeat apps you can check out using your Google cardboard.

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VR apps #1

Test driving a car is quite a hassle in real world where you need to locate and visit the nearest dealer and then ask for a test drive, but it's not so in the virtual world. Volvo in partnership with R/GA and VFX Studio Framestore has come out with a app called Volvo Reality which allows consumers like you test drive the Volvo XC90 sitting at your home on a sofa.

Download Volvo Reality

VR apps #2

Rollercoaster VR is an app which tries to emulate the rollercoaster experience in a virtual world. It quite an immersive app that provides you almost, if not all thrills of a real life rollercoaster experience. To top it up you get to experience beautiful jungle scenery as you coast along the tracks!

Download Rollercoaster VR

VR apps #3

Ever wondered what is feel like being drunk as hell? Well, don't worry this VR game called BeerBox aims to make you drunk! Yeah you read it right, but don't worry your wife won't throw you out; as the experience is only limited to VR. This game make use of your smartphone camera to provide a clear vision of what's around you and converts it in such a way that you will perceive the things in way as if you are drunk.

Download BeerBox

VR apps #4

Just in case you are in mood to consumer news and documentaries in VR, then do tune in to NYT VR app which contains a list of virtual reality stories that you can go through using either an Android or iOS smartphone.

Download NYT VR

VR apps #4

This VR app is best used to relax after a heavy day at work. It immerses you into a mountainous terrain full of flying lanterns and breath taking scenario. In short it can be summarized as multiple scenes of lantern in moonlit water.

Download Lantern VR

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