Mobomarket: A simple and intuitive third party app store that supports 4 Indian languages

    Google has its own app store on the Android OS, which is flooded with over a million of apps for the Google Play store users. However, the higher number of apps also makes it difficult for users to find the apt or best app for themselves. In such a case MoboMarket, a third party app store can provide the apps that you cannot find on Google Play store.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    It is an Android app that essentially is an app store loaded with a variety of apps, including the latest and greatest ones. You can also download newest games from best of the brands and developers. The company has now launched a new beta version of the MoboMarket, aimed to reach a wider range of users in India.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    The company is promoting its application in full swing in India, and is adding India centric apps and features to help users. Also, with the support for India centric features, the company is looking forward to making more people in India to get their hands on the app market to explore a bigger world.

    Why is MoboMarket better?

    You might be wondering that what makes the Mobomarket better than a variety of multiple options. We used the app to understand its features. The application is pretty user-friendly as you can see similar apps grouped under categories. The app ranks apps in a simple way, for users to easily discover the best apps in the store.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    The good part is that the Mobomarket comes with a built-in cleaner app that doesn't pile up apps on your smartphone, as it is capable of cleaning up phone to ensure smooth performance of the phone. When there is less congestion on the phone, it runs smoothly and faster with a built-in cleaner app.

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    Another advantage is that you can look for all sorts of apps at one platform. You can discover the apps and games of your choice easily by looking into various categories, download and when you don't need them simply delete them. All you have to do is download the MoboMarket app on your device by downloading the APK from the company's website. After you install the application, you can log in to the app for accessing its features.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    Key features:
    The store will give you options to various apps. The best is that it features categories like games, shopping and many more, which are home to a wide range of app including popular one, and the lesser known but good apps. As you open the store, it will push some apps on to you to download and use them. You may, however, find it annoying that the store stock these apps on you.

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    The advantage is that you easily look out for games and apps under different group and categories. The app's interface is quite simple and convenient. The 'Focus' pane features apps in a very neat and clean format.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    The key highlight of the MoboMarket is that it ranks the apps and games, which make it easier for user to choose apps for use. You can choose from the best apps or games of the month, or go for the must-have app section, and do more. This is one feature that gives MoboMarket an edge over the Play Store.

    You can simply find a game, download it and go ahead with it on your device. The Mobomarket features even those apps that are not available on the Google Play store.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    How to download games, and apps
    To download a game, you will have to use the built-in Android APK installer. The advantage of downloading an app via APK is that it gives you access to an array of features and permissions that don't get otherwise. However, you can change the settings to turn this feature off.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    The MoboMarket app is not cumbersome like many other third party app stores, which make this app better than the other options. The interface of the app is simply and smooth. You will not find difficulties in locating the apps of your choice, nor will you get confused within the categories. The layout of the app is good. An added advantage is that the app supports 5 Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu. The UI is feather smooth and runs without flaws or glitches.

    The Mobomarket store looks refreshing with a different interface and is easy to navigate. It is faster than other third party app stores and works better. The average app downloading time is also much faster. Due to the categorization of apps and games, selection of the right app becomes easier, which enhances the user-experience.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    Company support:

    The company is focusing on the Indian consumers which is why it has added four new Indian languages to the app. Moreover, it is also working hard to offer maximum user satisfaction and support for the app in India. For this, the company is taking user-reviews and feedbacks very seriously, in order to work up on these.

    You can try the new MoboMarket app in different languages, and let the team known if you face any language translation bug in this beta version. The company is looking forward to receiving feedbacks for the app on, if there is any. Moreover, Mobomarket will be selecting 10 most valuable suggestions to give out 10 android smartphones, which is quite an interesting way of reaching to the masses.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    If this is not enough, the company is also working hard to make the application work and feel better to its users. To do so, Mobomarket team in Indian is hiring the right talent for improving the experience for vernacular languages.


    The MoboMarket comes as a good alternative to Google Play store, the official app store for Android. It features most of the apps and games that are found on the Google Play store. It has a wide-range of apps, divided in different segments and categories. The app is already three years old, which means it is quite reliable as well. You can easily get the app of your choice, as it has most of the reputed and widely apps available on store. You may, however, want an option to stop receiving the apps that are pushed up on you, even when you don't want to use them.

    Mobomarket: A Third Party App Store with 4 Indian language support

    You can make changes in the settings to change the app recommendation and tone it up as per your choice. However, it has its own positives as well. You get recommendations even on Google, but you tend to ignore them. You can do the same on this app as well.

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