Must Download! Here are 5 Android Apps that Works Offline and Saves Data

Here are the 5 Android Apps that can be download on their smartphones, and also works in offline mode.

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There are several apps available in your Android Play Store, and each one, in some or the other way turn life easy. However the worst part about using these apps is to download them spending heavy mobile data.

Must Download! Here are 5 Android Apps that Works Offline

Experts often recommend smrtphone users to downlaod apps, when connected to Wi-Fi in order to save their mobile data. What if one is not connected to Wi-Fi? Not to worry !

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Other than the music, movies, gaming apps Google Play Store now has a few offline apps that lessens the pressure of spending huge amount of data as doesn't need a working internet connection.

Read more to know about the best apps that can be used offline.

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Pocket App

This offline Android app can has the ability to store images, text, videos and other content that can be accessed when offline. Pocket app makes it easy for the app users to remain updated with their favorite content when needed and doeswnt need a working internet and in turn saves on the offline local drive.


HERE WeGo is possibly among the Offline Maps and Navigation app, and can be easily used when in offline mode. With HERE WeGo app users can enjoy the similar feature as the Google map, but without any internet connection.

PlayerFM App

The user just has to inform the FM their favorite area of interest and it will display numerous results, you can subscribe to the one you want. The user can also configure this app to update the subscribed podcasts and watch it later when in offline mode.

Kiwix App

The App allow the user to download the whole Wikipedia database to your Android device and then let the users access it in offline mode.

Financius App

The user just needs to download this app and start managing their expenditure and income offline. Financius app allow the users to easily manage their money and multiple accounts and in turn save their money at the end of the month

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