5 Ways to Remain Safe from Hackers While using Public WiFi

These guidelines will let you know how to access the internet securely while using public WiFi.

    Free internet is a lucrative concept in today's date and we all tend to get attracted when it comes to Public WiFi. In a developing country like India, Public WiFi is a great concept as a large number of people are unable to subscribe to expensive data plans.

    5 Ways to Remain Safe from Hackers While using Public WiFi

    This is one main reason that Google introduced Public WiFi service RailTail in association with Indian Railways. Although the idea of free internet browsing from Public WiFi is attractive, we are all aware of its black side. Well, you can be easily hacked by spammers while using this WiFi service.

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    With the invent of freely downloadable 'sniffing' software, it is very easy for anyone to be able to hack into someone's WiFi session and see what they're surfing. So here we have jotted down 5 safety tips.

    1. Always Prefer HTTPS Encrypted Sites

    As a basic safety tip, if you are surfing on Public WiFi, it is mandatory to opt for HTTPS encrypted sites. Because sites with HTTPS encryption is more private and the browsing details can be kept confidential. It lets you avoid any hacker to sneak peak in your browsing details.

    2. Avoid connecting with rogue WiFi Hotspots

    Getting Open WiFi Hotspot is an appealing idea to connect with the internet without any password protection. However, this can be a trap of a hacker or cyber criminal who might have set up his or her own rogue WiFi Hotspot that appears legitimate.

    This way a hacker can not only see what you're seeing but also get to know your personal log-in credentials. Hence, it is always advisable to avoid connecting with unknown WiFi Hotspots.


    3. Opt For VPN

    VPN or Virtual Private Network creates a secure connection so that your Public WiFi connection becomes protected from hackers.

    4. Turn Off WiFi When Not in Use

    Having WiFi activated on your phone, tablet or laptop, your device's terminals remain open even if you aren't connected to any public access point. Any hacker can try to access your phone through a bogus router.

    5. Keep Different Password for All your Accounts

    Keeping the same password for every account is the silliest thing to do. It makes your phone and online activity more vulnerable to hackers.

    In case a hacker manages to procure that particular password, he/she can get access to several accounts. So always choose strong and unique passwords.



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