Top 10 Internet Plans for Students in India

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Lately, the introduction of Reliance Jio's insanely cheap 4G data plans, free voice calling plans, and upcoming data usage tariffs have driven all other mobile internet and broadband service providers to refurbish their existing plans, be it 3G or 4G in order to match the competition.

Top 10 Internet Plans for Students in India

While the target user of all the brands is majorly students for their extensive internet surfing addiction, it is most likely that the providers plan their tariffs keeping that in mind. Hence, we have brought you top 10 Internet Plans for Students studying in India.

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#1  Reliance Jio

In today's date, Reliance Jio and its GigaFiber broadband service are the ultimate and cheapest mobile internet service providers delivering lowest tariffs with 4G internet plans for all.

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While the mobile internet plan is free for 3 months with 4 GB data limit a day under the welcome offer, its broadband GigaFiber claims tariffs starting from Rs. 400 for unlimited data with a day's validity and goes up to Rs. 5,000 for 3.5GB data per day for a month.


Followed by Reliance Jio, State-run BSNL has also become the talk of the town these days with the introduction of Rs. 249 unlimited broadband internet plan with a limit of 300GB data per month.

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#3 Airtel

In a move to tackle Reliance Jio, another telecom biggie Bharti Airtel has introduced a special offer where customers have to recharge with Rs. 1,498 and they will get 1GB of 4G/3G mobile internet usage valid for 28 days.

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Post-exhaustion of 1GB data limit, the customers can get 1GB 4G/3G data by recharging with Rs. 51 over a period of 12 months. There is no limit on the number of recharges during the period.

So, it is kind of one-time investment that students can easily avail.

#4 Vodafone Flex

In order to confront Reliance Jio, BSNL, and Airtel's exciting 3G and 4G internet plan, Vodafone has also introduced an all new scheme- 'Flex' where 1 Flex equals to 1 Mb data and 1-minute incoming call.

The plan starts with recharge of as low as Rs. 119, where a user will be granted with 325 Flex and She/he can use all of them for either data or voice calls. The maximum flex plan is Rs. 399, which comes with 1,750 Flex and is valid for 28 days.

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#5 Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo has a lot to offer. Its 3G plans start as low as Rs. 8 with 35Mb 3G data with the maximum of Rs. 1299, which is valid for 28 days and offers unlimited 3G data.

#6 Aircel

Aircel offers 40 Mb 3G data for 1 day at Rs. 8, while its highest tariff is priced at Rs. 1,697 that offers 20GB data, which is valid for 28 days. However, itsbest 3G plan is Rs. 175 pack, which comes with a validity of 28 days and offers 1GB 3G data.

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#7 Idea

Idea offers 4G internet plan at Rs. 150 that comes with 1GB data for 15 days.

Also, if we see for value packs, its 1.25 GB 3G data pack priced at Rs. 299 for 28 days is quite affordable for students.

But if you are looking for long term plans, you can go for its 4 GB 3G pack that comes at Rs. 952 for 3 months.


#8 Tata Photon

For Tata Photon users, the company offers 3.5 GB data for 45 days at a cost of Rs. 655.

But its long-term plan goes up to Rs. 4, 999 with a validity of 1 Year and total data limit of 30 GB. However, its monthly plan costs Rs. 455 where the user will get 2.5GB data.

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#9 MTS

MTS MBlaze users get 200 Mb data at Rs. 101 for 28 days. At the same time, they can enjoy 28 GB data for 28 days at Rs. 1599. This plan is most favorable for high internet users.

#10 Act FiberNet

Act FiberNet, which was formerly known as Beam Fiber,recently introduced a new data plan,which costs you Rs. 1,999 and offers a speed of 100 Mbps.

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