Microsoft Surface Phone Concept: The Upcoming Smartphone Should be a Stunner!

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Microsoft selling off Nokia five months ago raised many eyebrows as the Redmond giant is working on their own Windows 10 powered smartphone, which might be dubbed as the Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Concept: A Glimpse into the Future!!

Microsoft has been struggling a lot in the smartphone arena for a while now and the vendor recently even claimed that they will be killing the Lumia lineup by the end of this year.

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Off late, the Windows Phone platform has been struggling a lot with the rivals Android and iOS. However, the tech giant isn't yet done with the smartphone arena. There were several rumors over the internet suggesting the purported specifications of the upcoming smartphone, but none of them showed us how the smartphone looks.

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Late yesterday, a Polish designer Bartłomiej Tarnowski, revealed the concept of the upcoming smartphone and here's what the concept revealed.

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Bezel-less screen

This has become a norm in the smartphone world these days. Most of the smartphone leaked till date are said to feature a bezel-less screen, but none of them arrived with that sort of screen except some of the ZTE Nubia devices.

The concept of the Surface Phone also shows the smartphone will feature a bezel-less screen.

Support for keyboard cover

As seen on the Microsoft's Surface Book, the concept of Surface Phone says that the smartphone might feature an additional keyboard for typing.

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Might feature a Stylus Aka Surface Pen

This was not at all coming. The concept shows that the smartphone might come with support for Stylus and that will be called as 'Surface Pen'.

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Three LED flashes on the rear

The concept also shows the Surface Phone might also feature three LED flashlights on the back same as the Lumia 950 XL.

Embedded fingerprint sensor?

The concept images don't reveal any signs of the fingerprint sensor, however, previous rumors suggested that it will be embedded into the screen itself.

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