Say WhatsUp to WhatsApp! 5 Cool Features Coming in Next Update

    WhatsApp seems to be on a roll when it comes to updates and new features, and has been pivotal in the rise of Android and iOS. Following its successful rollout of voice calling, the messaging app now gets ready to add video calling to its features amidst addition of several others.

    5 Cool New Features Coming to WhatsApp in the Next Update

    According to sources, WhatsApp is in the beta testing stage of various additional features on the Android and iOS platforms. But whats going to happen to the IM space when all these features are rolled out by the single, most used, popular app on the planet that caters to more than a billion users.
    We look at some of the new features COMING SOON to your WhatsApp in your device.

    Goodbye Skype!!!

    First and foremost to take a hit with the launch of WhatsApp's video calling will be Microsoft's Skype. Used in many homes to connect to loved ones, found in workspaces to contact clients, Skype has been the go-to place for all video communication tools. And the service has been hardwired into every Microsoft product. But if WhatsApp enters into this forray, then things are sure to go downhill for sometime for Skype.

    5 Cool New Features Coming to WhatsApp in the Next Update

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    Remembering BBM:

    It was in the good, old days of BlackBerry and BBM that QR codes became a trending topic in instant messaging apps. WhatsApp has felt the cringe of many user who feel adding multiple contacts manually has become too boring and plans to introduce QR codes unique to every contact. And if your device has NFC built-in, then adding contacts gets more simplified. So adding 10 contacts at once doesn't sound so bad after all.

    5 Cool New Features Coming to WhatsApp in the Next Update

    WhatsUp....Leave a Voice Message or Call Me Back!!!!

    Voice calls in the current version of WhatsApp fail to provide us any clarity on whether a contact is online at the time of placing a call. And missed calls are currently the only notications that popup to users. A fix and addition may be on the way in the form of a Call Back button. And the feature may soon be accompanied with a voice mailbox of its own kind. So if your friend does not answer your call, leave a message after the "beep". How WhatsApp intends to integrate this is yet to be seen, but this is the second most exciting feature to look forward to.

    5 Cool New Features Coming to WhatsApp in the Next Update

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    Share more docs...even ZIP:

    Sharing PDFs and Google Doc files, Microsoft Office and .txt files have all been enabled in the current version of WhatsApp. But even those large number of files take time to be sent one after the other. So, we ZIP them and send via our beloved mails. Well, hopefully, not for long. WhatsApp will allow to send these large attachments without any hassels. This is certainly a feature that corporates could use.

    5 Cool New Features Coming to WhatsApp in the Next Update

    Sticker Mania!!!

    5 Cool New Features Coming to WhatsApp in the Next Update

    There are no reports suggesting that WhatsApp will include stickers, but one way it still fails to fight-off Indian born Hike Messenger is in the same. Hike has always maintained a upper hand in messaging apps in India all thanks to the hundreds of stickers that we have of our beloved Thalaiva, Amitabh ji, and many more. The stickers available in Facebook Messenger are unique to international users, but if developers include those too in WhatsApp, the conversations could always become more fun. Hike Messenger has already allowed using its stickers in multiple instant messaging apps.


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