How to use WhatsApp without Internet connection?

    WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in India followed by Hike, Messenger, WeChat and a few others. These messaging services has in fact driven the traditional messages to extinction, but they have one vital limitation - WhatsApp, Messenger or any other messaging app requires an active data connection. This is an issue especially when you are on the move as your network service providers would charge you more for the sake of roaming. But what if you could use WhatsApp without having an internet connection?

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    Can I use WhatsApp without internet?

    Wait, before you start thinking otherwise let's warn you WhatsApp can't be used without internet connection, but it can be done so without an active data pack. So don't get mislead by viral messages on the net that provide you a link for using WhatsApp without internet. Apparently two such messages with a similar content went viral on the net earlier this year.

    How to use WhatsApp without Internet connection?

    Coming back to the topic, it's worth noting that there is a work around for using WhatsApp on your smartphone without an active data pack, however you need to use a ChatSim for the same. Just as the name denotes, the ChatSim is a real world SIM card and not just another app on the PlayStore or Apple Store.

    What is ChatSim?

    By now the most probable question on your mind would be what exactly is a ChatSim, so without further ado let's give you are brief and tell you how it works. ChatSim is a first of its kind SIM card that allows you to use popular messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Hike etc. all over the globe irrespective of an active internet connection.

    How to use WhatsApp without Internet connection?

    What is the main advantage of using ChatSim?

    ChatSim works in 150 countries round the globe without incurring any extra charges. It technically provides you with a number of British island of Jersey and makes use of Jersey Telecom as the carrier for their SIM cards. This is clubbed with a number of global SIM solutions like Contiki eKit and Telestial Passport. It's however worth noting that the base variant of the ChatSim without any added niceties is capable of sending text messages and emojis across various chatting platforms like WhatsApp for a period of 1 year. This however doesn't include services of sending multimedia files including images, video etc. For doing so you are required to sign up for the same by paying an additional sum of money.

    How to use WhatsApp without Internet connection?

    Can I buy a ChatSim in India and how much does it cost?

    Yes, you can buy ChatSim in India as well as in all over the world. ChatSim charges just 10 Euros for the SIM and an additional 10 Euros for activating free WhatsApp, Messenger etc. messaging services for a period of 12 months. The cost of the SIM however is slightly higher in India. ChatSim charges Rs 900 each for the SIM and for the messaging services. This along with standard shipping escalates the cost to Rs 2369. Option for faster delivery is also available at a higher price. You can also opt for additional features like calling on WhatsApp, Messenger etc. or sending media files at Rs 900, Rs 2250 and Rs 45000 more. Each of this additions gives you a variable amount of calling minutes along with a cap of images and video files that can be sent.

    How to use WhatsApp without Internet connection?

    Should I buy a ChatSim?

    Opting for a ChatSim depends upon your usage. If you are person who is frequently on the move for official trips and often use messaging services like WhatsApp for staying in touch with close ones, then you surely opt for a ChatSim. It will in fact help you save a lot of money. ChatSim however isn't quite useful for those who doesn't go abroad frequently as its more effective to recharge you phone with a 1GB data for around Rs 150 odd (i.e. Rs 1800 approx. a year). This will not only allow you to use WhatsApp but also many other services which you may need.

    How to use WhatsApp without Internet connection?

    As of now this the best option available for using WhatsApp without an active data plan. It's worth noting that there are a few other options available but most are of no use or are frauds. There's however something called WhatsApp Bluetooth Messenger which uses your phone's Bluetooth to use WhatsApp. But again Bluetooth means short range communications, so would like to chat with someone sitting just beside you? I bet you won't, but just in case you do feel free to try it out.


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