This App is Helping People find Working ATM Machines and Cash

Tired of standing in long queues only to find out that the ATM is not working or out of cash? Then use this simple app to find out if an ATM is out of cash or not.

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Well, in the wake of demonetization, hearing, "I don't have cash," "The ATM is out of order," or "Do you accept cards" has become the norm. We are seeing the aftermath of the note ban Tsunami.

While the effect will continue to last longer in the coming days, people in India have adopted digital payment gateways like never before. However, despite this, many are still rushing to ATMs and banks in an attempt to withdraw cash.

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This App is Helping People find Working ATM

In such challenging times and as days pass by, the queues seem to get only longer and the ATM spots have become the "hang-out" place for many Indians.

But nothing is more frustrating than spending hours in a queue only to find out that the ATM has run out of cash. Is there any solution for this?

Yes! Several app developers and cash management companies are now working on helping customers lay their hands on cash as quickly as possible by finding the right ATM.

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The Walnut App

One such app that we have found effective in tracking ATMs is the Walnut App.

It has been one of the popular money manager cum expense tracker app and now has gotten a new update. The update brings a feature that allows you to find nearby ATMs that have cash.

In addition, the updated app can also provide information regarding the length of the queues at the ATM kiosks and report the time a particular ATM kiosk was last active.

Color Coded Pins

In the app you can see colour-coded pins and it indicates the activity status of nearby ATMs.

A Green coloured pin indicates an ATM that is currently active, while an Orange coloured pin signifies an ATM that was recently active. Similarly, a Grey coloured pin means an ATM that has been active in the last few days.

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Additional Features

What's more, Walnut also enables its users to share the location and queue status of a working ATM kiosk with their friends or family.

How does it do it? Every time a person visits a working ATM and successfully withdraws cash, the app sends a push notification to indicate the queue status at the ATM.

You can even share this information over social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Privacy Concerns

While this can help with our "treasure hunt", the app may not always give an accurate picture of the situation at an ATM, which is often the case with services that rely on crowd-sourced input.

More importantly, as the app will be going through your text messages, it could perhaps pose some privacy concerns.

But if you are facing a cash crunch, sharing your data for a short while until you are able to withdraw money is better than paying extra through debit or credit cards.

Walnut is free to download and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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