Top 10 Android Browser Apps For Better Internet Experience

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Android's native browsing apps are good but, doesn't come with more distinct features. There are plenty of browsing app in the Android app market, that supports features like flash support, add-ons and many more.

Top 10 Android Browser Apps For Better Internet Experience

While Google Chrome remains a default browser on Android phones, there are several other browsers that offer equally good browsing experience.

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These browsers can also help you save data, set data limits and offer special features unique to these apps. Let's look at 10 browsers that can improve your browsing experience on Android Smartphones:

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Google Chrome


Google Chrome still remains the most useful browser for your Android phones. While it can chunk up more data than other browsers, it is still compatible with most applications.


Mozilla Firefox


The Firefox app offers greater levels of privacy than other browsers. It syncs with all your devices. It has intuitive visual tabs. It also has add-ons and extension.


Opera Browser


Opera offers data compression for audio and video files, which makes it a better choice for audio and video streaming.


UC Browser


One can watch movies and TV shows in speed mode. It also supports Ad block plugin. Facebook mode increases speed. There is also efficient downloading on UC browser minus all the hassled. It also has a Night mode for read at night.


CM Browser


CM or Clean Master Browser is an ultra lightweight mobile browser which can protect you from malicious threats and still give you rapid browsing speed. User agent also allows you to access desktop sites.


Maxthon Browser


Offers speed dial for frequently visited sites. Cloud technology will sync all web pages that you have visited across devices. Also offers private browsing. The reader mode will make sure read comfortably.




Dolphin offers fast loading speed, flash player and HTMLl5 video player. Download Dolphin to surf the Internet with the best unique and useful features such as AdBlock, tabbar, sidebar, incognito browsing and Adobe Flash player for Android.


Cool Browser


Cool Browser can allow you to watch videos in 3D mode. It also offers gesture based controls. Local cache lets you watch videos even when you are offline.


Yolo Browser


YOLO Browser is an effectiveness mobile browser which can protect you from malicious threats, 3G saving, perfect surfing experience and still give you rapid browsing speed. Power saving night mode helps users in reading comfortable, without causing eyestrain.


Best Browser for Android


It aggregates popular news websites that can be useful. It offers interest-clear navigation that offers privacy to those who browse.


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