Top 5 Alarm Clock Apps on Android to Wake you up

    Do you sleep too much and forget to wake up. Using Alarm clock Apps to wake yourself up in the morning is a good thing to do.

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    People use their Phones to wake up these days. While the Alarm clock is certainly not a thing of the past, using Alarm Apps is a good idea. The best part about Alarm clock Apps is that you can use different ring tones and snooze the alarm as you want. Alarm clock apps have accuracy of time through your phone. Alarm clock apps are a great way to wake you up. You can also get your own themes to wake you up. You can set a theme that looks like a digital alarm, you could also set a alarm clock with two hands The best part is your phone will also vibrate along with the Alarm clock sound

    Here are five Alarm Clock Apps to wake you up when you need them ?


    Wake up gently to your favorite music and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme Free!


    Wake Up Alarm Clock Ringtones is a FREE app with the best wake up ringtones around! It includes 34 high-quality sounds for your phone/tablet.


    Alarm Clock is the new form of simplicity with elegantly designed clocks and intelligent algorithm for alarm activation.


    My Alarm Clock turns your Android device into an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes, a bedside clock with gorgeous themes and current weather information, and a sleep timer that lulls you to sleep at night!



    Mimicker Alarm, a Microsoft Garage Project, is a free morning alarm clock app that helps you wake up from sleep and stay up by playing a simple alarm game, called a "Mimic". To dismiss your alarm in the morning, you must mimic the action given.


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