These Are The 8 Best 3D Apps for iPhone 6s Users, Especially in India!

    The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were launched back in September 2015 and 3D Touch, a pressure-sensitive display in general, was the most-talked about thing on these devices, because of the sheer potential that this unique technology had.

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    Five months later, things are starting to get a bit clearer. Most major app developers have incorporated 3D Touch in their latest iOS updates. So, now that we are almost midway to the next iPhone launch, let's have a look at what all apps have managed to make perfect use of 3D Touch.

    Here are the top 10 iOS apps that justify the incorporation of 3D Touch on the latest iPhones.


    One of the first to make use of the 3D Touch capabilities, Instagram's developer team had an unfair advantage of working closely with the hardware team at Apple. And they made sure that complete advantage was extracted out of this proposition. Starting from app shortcuts, the Instagram is the poster boy for all app developers that are looking to incorporate 3D touch in their products. With peek and pop, viewing images and accessing shortcuts has never been easier.


    Being Instagram's parent company, Facebook was definitely another one of the first app teams to get access to Apple's new 'paradigm-shifting' technology. While they haven't put the in-app features to much use yet, shortcuts have been present since launch day and the management has promised a 'great experience' in a short while.


    One of the most used products on the planet, Whatsapp recently updated their iOS app to fully utilize the features of 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Starting from shortcuts accessible from the icon, you can 3D Touch on different conversations to get a peek of the recent messages, sliding up will reveal options like 'Mark as Unread' and 'Delete', and further pressing will pop up the actual conversation. You can also peek into photos and links while inside conversation threads.


    One of the most popular video calling services in the world, Skype, is not behind others when it comes to incorporating the 3D Touch feature in their recent update to the iOS app. With obvious app shortcuts, from the home screen, for making calls and chats swiftly, Skype also has different peek and pop additions inside the interface. You can now pressure touch contacts and decide various actions, without going into the profile. Another handy feature is of switching to live video when on a call.


    Another photo-sharing application, on the lines of Instagram, Flickr also recently transformed its iOS 9 app to take complete advantage of the 3D touch functionality on the latest iPhone models. In the app shortcut menu you have options of uploading photos, accessing your image feed and notifications, all from the phone's home screen. Inside the app, you can use peek and pop similar to the Instagram app. Peek on photos and access various actions without opening up the actual image.


    Another app to use 3D Touch is this famed note-taking app, Evernote. Available on the cloud, across several mobile and computer platforms, you can now use the 3D Touch capabilities on the Evernote iOS app, known for its versatility. New notes, uploading photos and setting reminders are some actions accessible from the shortcut menu while peek and pop offers you with previews of your notes and notebooks as well as options including 'Add to shortcuts' and Sharing buttons.


    A popular sketching app on iOS, Paper, now supports 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. While it is no replacement for the innovation that is iPad Pro, getting some additional pressure sensitive options in a sketching app is definitely useful and helps in converting your finger into a stylus for beautiful sketches. As you might have guessed, pressing harder makes the text and sketch bolder while a lighter press imprints a thinner line.


    Moving on to a rather quirky kind of application, here is one that helps you with recipes and specifications, while cooking new dishes. Incorporating the 3D Touch technology, Kitchen Stories offers the user with preview options of a dish, providing the estimated time required for preparing and cooking the dish. This lets you quickly decide whether you want to commit to making it, before accessing the whole recipe and end up wasting time.

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