Uber Can Ban Users Not Adhering to Set Guidelines: Do's and Don'ts to Know

Uber's guidelines will now make sense for passenger and driver safety and comfort.

    The latest question that has been asked by most people who hail taxi services is whether they can be banned from the service or not. Apparently, the answer is yes!

    Uber Can Ban Users Not Adhering to Set Guidelines

    Now, it's not only the drivers who can get banned but also the passengers are at a high risk if they don't behave properly.

    While every person is different, there are people who especially don't get the basic concept of courtesy. So, Uber has decided to ban such customers if they don't follow some set guidelines of the company.

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    This move has been initiated as Uber wants everyone to be safe and enjoy their trips with the ridesharing company. The company also wants individuals to treat other riders and drivers with respect.

    So, if you are an Uber customer and use the service frequently, here are 5 things that you should avoid during your ride to prevent yourself from getting banned from using the service.

    Damaging the Property

    Users are not allowed to damage both the drivers' or other passengers' property during the ride. It also includes spilling food or drinks, smoking, and vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption.

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    Inappropriate Language or Gestures

    Uber condemns the use of abusive language or gestures. Swearing, threatening and using abusive language and gestures qualify for future ride denial. 

    It also includes "overly personal questions," and "aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful" comments.

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    Breaking the Local Law Using Uber

    On a serious note, users can get banned permanently if they bring open containers of alcohol or drugs or ask the driver to break the speed limit or use Uber to commit a crime like human trafficking.

    Users are not allowed to carry any firearm or any weapon of that sort as well. Any such act will result in an immediate account cancellation.

    Physical Contact

    Uber has issued that there should be no physical contact between drivers and fellow riders. Users should not be touching, flirting or getting physically intimate with other people in the car. Trying to flirt with someone else means your ticket to ride Uber will be permanently canceled.

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    Unwanted Contact

    Users also should not establish unwanted contact with the driver or fellow passenger after the trip is over. Uber mentions that users should not text, call or visit the driver or other passengers.

    Well, as Uber wants everyone to enjoy the ride. The next time you book an Uber cab, do remember these guidelines to avoid getting banned from using the service.

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