WhatsApp vs Google Allo and Others: 8 Features That We Want to See in WhatsApp

We like to see these features in WhatsApp.

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Lately, WhatsApp has received many new features to give a better user experience to its user base of over 1 billion. The most recent ones added to the messaging app include the animated GIF support and live streaming of videos even before downloading.

WhatsApp vs Google Allo and Others: 8 Features That WhatsApp Lacks

However, WhatsApp is having an array of competitors such as Google Allo, Hike Messenger, Telegram, and others. These apps have many features that WhatsApp still misses out on. Though WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform that exists right now, the app misses out some features and abilities that most of its users want it to have.

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Today, we have come up with a list of 8 features that we will like to enjoy on WhatsApp. Notably, these features are already available in some messaging apps such as Google Allo and Hike Messenger. Take a look at these features from here that we expect to see in the future updates of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp lacks a Virtual Assistant

The newly launched Google Allo is one of the stiff rivals of WhatsApp. This new kid on the block comes with an inbuilt Google Assistant that will help users get all details without leaving the app. While using WhatsApp, you need to leave the app and look for the information you need from Google. Once again, you will have to open the app and continue using it.

There are no integrated games in WhatsApp

In case you want to use a messaging app that has games integrated into it, WhatsApp is definitely not the right one for you. There are Hike Messenger and Facebook Messenger with this ability that let you play a game while you are using the messaging platform.

You can send only 10 photos or videos at a time

With WhatsApp, you cannot send more than 10 videos or photos to your friends simultaneously. You need to spend a lot of time to send the files you would like to share by sending them in batches. There are apps such as Telegram that let you share any number of files you want without any limit.

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You can't send secret chats

WhatsApp is yet to add the secret chats feature. Its rivals Google Allo as well as Telegram have added this feature. While Allo has the incognito mode, Telegram comes with the self-destructing feature. Even in Allo, you can decide how long you want to secret message to last.

No integrated GIF library

WhatsApp has brought in the ability to share GIFs only recently. However, this update is integrated with the other services. The other messaging apps have been offering this feature for quite some time. To make it clear, you can send the GIFs that were already downloaded on your device or those that come from a link. But, Telegram offers a wide variety of GIFs and you can use them easily in your conversations.

Sending big files is hectic

Despite imposing a limit on the number of files that you can send to your friend at a time, WhatsApp also lacks the support to let users upload unlimited file sizes. You can send contacts, videos, GIFs, images, locations, and documents, but with limitations. There are messaging apps that let you send files up to 1GB.

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Can't message users not in Contacts

WhatsApp limits your access to people. In case you want to message or call a person, you need to first have the person's number added to your contacts. This is not the case with Facebook Messenger that lets you message anyone based on the person's privacy settings.

Lack of animated stickers support

Emojis on WhatsApp are pretty great, but Facebook Messenger has animated stickers that are even better. It will be great if such animated stickers are added in WhatsApp as well.

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We can expect WhatsApp to get some of these features in the near future in the form of further updates. The addition of such features will definitely give a better user experience.

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