WhatsApp: 6 Upcoming Features That Are Making a Buzz

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WhatsApp, the messaging service owned by Facebook is the most popular one and billions of users are making use of the app regularly for different purposes. WhatsApp is getting new features constantly to enhance the user experience of the users.

WhatsApp: 6 Upcoming Features That Are Making a Buzz

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Lately, WhatsApp received a slew of features such as document sharing, music sharing, voice call, and more, the platform is all set to receive many other features as well. The internet is flooded with details about the upcoming features that might see in the app.

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The beta versions of WhatsApp have started tipping that the application will come with many new features and this includes the following. Some of these features have been rolled out and some others are in the beta version.

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Call Back

A recent report tipped that WhatsApp is handling 100 million calls per day. If you miss a voice call on WhatsApp, you might usually miss to notice it. Now, there is relief as WhatsApp has rolled out the Call Back option that will appear on the app screen after an unanswered or declined call.

Voice Mail

The voice mail feature will allow users to record messages with a long press on the mic icon that is near the chat box just like sending recorded chat messages. This way, you can send a voice mail to a user who has called you.

GIF support

WhatsApp to soon bring the ability to transfer GIF files. This is also a long rumored feature and we can expect to see it some time soon.

Video Calls

Video calling was speculated to arrive on WhatsApp and it was spotted in the beta version of the application some time back. However, there is no word about the same in the later updates. Maybe, WhatsApp might introduce the video calling feature in the coming months.


As in Facebook, WhatsApp will also get the Mentions feature. It will be handy in the group conversations. It is alleged that the name of the person mentioned will appear in a different color grabbing the attention of those in the group.

New Font

WhatsApp rolled out a new font to the users and it is similar to Fixedsys in Windows. As of now, this is the only font option other than the default one. To type in this new font, you just have to put (`) thrice before and after the text you want to appear in the new font.

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