YouTube Shorts and Live Video Get Their Own Tabs: Will It Help Viewers Or Creators?

YouTube Shorts and Live Video Get Their Own Tabs

YouTube is making some big changes to its app on all platforms. The world's largest crowd-sourced video platform is giving "Shorts" and live videos their own tabs. This change will be applicable to the channel pages. Moving forward, viewers should be able to enjoy a clutter-free viewing experience. Meanwhile, creators or YouTubers would have the ability to create and showcase a lot more content in each category.


YouTube Shorts And Live Video Won't Clutter Main Videos Tab

Ever since the arrival of TikTok, every platform, be it Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, has adopted the short video format. Even the live videos section is gaining popularity. YouTube Shorts is Google's answer to TikTok, and it can be seen almost everywhere on the platform. In fact, it is nearly impossible to avoid running into YouTube Shorts when scrolling through the app.

Currently, every video format appears inside the "Videos" tab, and "Shorts" has a carousel that slides sideways. The thumbnails of YouTube Shorts videos appear as vertical rectangles stacked close to each other, and the entire carousel surfaces repeatedly after every few videos. Needless to say, the layout gets cluttered and could be annoying to many.

It appears YouTube may have heard feedback from its users and has decided to give Shorts and live videos their own tabs. The company claims this change "will make it easier for viewers to discover the kinds of content they're most interested in when exploring a creator's channel page."


Moving forward, the YouTube app will have multiple tabs for each "Channel":

  • Shorts tab: Here you'll only see Shorts. When you are watching Shorts in the Shorts feed and navigate to a creator's channel from the feed, you will be directed right to this new tab to keep enjoying Shorts
  • Live tab: You'll find all streams in this tab including any that are currently active, scheduled, or archived
  • Videos tab: This will continue to house long-form content

YouTube Boosting Content Creation And Discovery

It is amply clear that Shorts or live streams won't clutter the Videos tab. Users can switch over to these individual tabs to watch the content they desire. In other words, if users like watching Shorts or live streams, they can go to the dedicated tabs and consume the content without getting distracted by other long-form content or regular videos.

Interestingly, if viewers are within the Shorts tab, watching a short video, they won't be transported back to the main page if they decide to swipe and return. Instead, the viewer will remain in the Shorts tab. In other words, viewers won't be removed from their preferred video ecosystem. Retaining viewers within their preferred tabs could help Youtubers gain more views for their content.

Additionally, viewers will soon be getting 'Recently uploaded' and 'Popular' filters on the channel pages. It is not clear why such simple ways of sorting content were absent for such a long time. YouTube has indicated that the new update will start rolling out today, October 28. However, the rollout is gradual and could reach some devices sooner than others.

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