Google Maps App for Apple iOS Devices Unlikely to Get Approved

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Google Maps App for Apple iOS Devices Unlikely to Get Approved

Google is not expecting a cake walk when it comes to having their native Maps application in iOS devices. As per the company sources they are not optimistic on Apple giving a nod so quickly on launching their native maps application. 

In one of the interviews posted to the Guardian, Google informed that though their application will be ready by this year end, they are not expecting it to give live soon. If this news is true, iOS users are likely to wait longer to get their hands on a Google Maps application. 

Google sources while justifying their doubt said that Apple currently doesn’t display any application with Google maps app integrated if users use the ‘Find Maps for your iPhone’ option. It may be recalled that Google allows third party app developers also to use their Maps application at hefty license fee for heavy usage. 

With Apple adopting such an attitude towards the third party applications, it seems justified that there is nothing wrong in Google assuming that their native app won’t be allowed by Apple any time soon to be a part of their iOS devices. 

Google believes that Apple has purposefully omitted such apps from their app store to not promote their much advanced Maps application to their users. Apple got hit badly because of their Maps application which had many flaws that made even their CEO to apologize in public for launching an application with so many bugs. 

He also promised that Apple will soon come with a new Maps application. This could also be another reason why Apple doesn’t want to promote Google’s native Map app or any other third party app with build in Google Maps to its users.

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