New Free Field Trip Android App To Create Awareness About the Surroundings

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New Free Field Trip Android App To Create Awareness About the Surroundings

Google has announced the launch of ‘Field Trip’ app. The app is designed to function as a location-aware guidebook. The company claims it to be a perfect guide for exploring cool, hidden and unique things in the world around the user. The app acts as a virtual tour guide while running in the background. Whenever the user passes or reaches a place of interest, a ‘card’ will pop-up with information about the particular location.

Most of the analysts believe it to be an extension of Google Now. One of the Google officials stated that the main purpose of the app is to provide a service that would assist people in connecting with real and physical world around them.

Field Trip app is designed to gather information from a range of sources such as Thrillist, Food network, Zagat, Cool Hunting, Atlas Obscura and Song Kick. The information gathered from these sources in addition to the own data the app has been categorized in to seven categories for ease of reference.

The seven categories inside the app are:

  • Architecture

  • Historic Places and Events

  • Life Style

  • Offers

  • Food and Drink

  • Cool and Unique

  • Outdoor Art
Each of the categories is denoted in separate interesting colors making it easier for users to identify them. The app also features a map view displaying any places that are worthy for a visit. Another interesting feature is the presence of voice integration, which enables the app to read about a particular landmark for notifying the user. But this feature can be easily turned off in Settings page if not required.

Field Trip App is available for download from Google Play Store. An iOS version of the app is under development. However, there is no information regarding its release date.

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