Hello Mum, Hello Dad Scam On WhatsApp: What Is It And How To Stay Safe?


WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps across the world. While it brings in several handy and easy features, cybercriminals tap into the platform to dupe people on WhatsApp. The latest threat looming WhatsApp is the 'hello mum' and 'hello dad' message on the app. Here's everything you need to know about the new WhatsApp threat and how to stay alert.


What Is ‘Hello Mum’ ‘Hello Dad’ On WhatsApp?

What Is ‘Hello Mum’ ‘Hello Dad’ On WhatsApp?

Hackers and people with malicious intent have found a new way to hack and cheat people on WhatsApp. Starting in the United Kingdom, cybercriminals send a simple 'Hello Mum' or a 'Hello Dad' message on WhatsApp. When they get a reply, they immediately send an SOS to transfer money to their son or daughter.

A report from Express UK says such scam messages have led to people losing almost GBP 50,000 in just a few months. The report further points to a victim who paid GBP 3,000 to scammers after they received the 'hello mum' message on WhatsApp, believing their son was asking for help. The WhatsApp threat starts with a simple 'hello mum' or a 'hello dad' message after seeking a money transfer immediately.

Hello Mum WhatsApp Message Across The World

Hello Mum WhatsApp Message Across The World

The above instance comes from the United Kingdom. However, these messages are spreading across the world. Moreover, criminals are tapping into Facebook Messenger rather than WhatsApp alone. When sent on Messenger, victims feel it's their son/daughter or someone they know who is seeking help and money.

The Messenger or WhatsApp texts that people are receiving are made to believe to be true. Victims feel it's their family or friends seeking help as the pop-ups and messages are sent from 'known persons'. However, it's the scammer who's at the other end of the message, waiting for victims to transfer the money.

How To Stay Alert/Safe From Scammers?

How To Stay Alert/Safe From Scammers?

The hello mum, hello dad message on WhatsApp is the latest threat looming on WhatsApp. There are several such instances where people have fallen victims to such scams. Here are some basic tips to stay alert and safe on messaging platforms.

Step 1: In case you get a message seeking money or help on WhatsApp or Messenger, call the person first. Since they are someone you know, you can always call them and confirm if they need help.

Step 2: Don't send the money. The SOS method used by scammers urges the victims to send the money to their accounts. Instead, you don't have to send the money to this account. Once again, call them to confirm if they need help.

Complain about the situation

Step 3: Complain about the situation. It's always advisable to complain about scammers to the cyber bureau and the cyber police. This further prevents from other people being duped similarly and helps catch the culprits.

Step 4: Block the account. Whether you get a WhatsApp message or a text on Messenger, it's best to block and report such contacts. This will further prevent them from contacting you and will raise red flags across the platform.

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