Signal Slams Facebook, WhatsApp For Mining User Data; But Will We Give Up WhatsApp?


Signal continues to rise in popularity as the worthy alternative to WhatsApp, especially after the massive backlash WhatsApp faced for its new privacy policies. With its high privacy standard, Signal has directly lashed at Facebook and WhatsApp, announcing how user data is being mined, urging users to switch to Signal.


Signal Slams Facebook, WhatsApp For Mining User Data

Signal Lashes Out At Facebook

Signal has had a simple mantra right from the start: privacy for you and your data. On the other hand, Facebook and its messaging app WhatsApp haven't been able to promise this, despite wooing ads on security like end-to-end encryption. With the May 15 deadline to accept WhatsApp's new privacy update nearing, Signal has taken a direct attack at it.

Signal said: "Companies like Facebook aren't building technology for you, they're building technology for your data. They collect everything they can from FB, Instagram, and WhatsApp in order to sell visibility into people and their lives."

That's not all. Signal did its research before spewing the attack. The messaging app has attempted to run a test that would reveal how Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are collecting user data to create a virtual profile for target advertisements. What's more, Signal has collected some specific user characteristics to share in the ads they created.

"Facebook is more than willing to sell visibility into people's lives, unless it's to tell people about how their data is being used," says Signal. If the alarm bells hadn't rung for you, maybe Signal's latest message should do so!

Facebook Responds To Signal's Allegations

Signal Slams Facebook, WhatsApp For Mining User Data

To note, Facebook's 2021 hasn't been going great so far. It started right off with WhatsApp privacy update, which only gained it severe backlash. Even with the deadline extension, Facebook is having trouble retaining its users who have been looking for privacy-centric alternatives like Telegram and Signal.


Moreover, Apple's App Tracking Transparency has further made things difficult for Facebook. Facebook is believed to have a rather hard time as the new iOS feature gives more power to users to disable apps from collecting data.

Facebook has now denied Signal's allegations. "If Signal had tried to run the ads, a couple of them would have been rejected because our advertising policies prohibit ads that assert you have a specific medical condition or sexual orientation, as Signal should know. But, of course, running the ads was never their goal-it was about getting publicity," Facebook said in a statement to Forbes.

Signal Slams Facebook, WhatsApp For Mining User Data

Signal Reveals Truth Of Facebook; But Will We Give Up WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging platforms in India with a massive user base. For several years we've known that Facebook collects our data and uses it for target advertising. However, we still haven't given up on WhatsApp, have we?

For instance, my entire contact list is available on WhatsApp with hardly a few available on Signal. Despite knowing how our data is being manipulated, people still refuse to shift to more privacy-centric and user-safe platforms like Telegram and Signal.

The precise reason for WhatsApp's popularity is unclear as most of the features are available on other Signal as well. Simply put, no matter what evidence and harsh realities surface about WhatsApp, people are going to continue using it.

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