WhatsApp is the Most Used Messaging Platform in India, Says Dean of Cheetah Mobile Lab

At the GMIC Bangalore yesterday, Jenny Quan, Executive Dean of Cheetah Mobile said that WhatsApp is the largest social networking platform in India.

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India always had a good relationship with China. The same is continuing in the technology space as well because there are a numerous number of Chinese products in India and they are far ahead from the Indian products.

WhatsApp is the Most Used Messaging Platform, Dean of Cheetah Mobile

At the GMIC Bangalore event yesterday, Cheetah Mobile's executive dean Jenny Quan gave an insight on how India and China are competing with each other. In the process, she also described that China and India will become together one day.

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In the summit, she also showed the top services being used in both India and China. And, the reports reveal that most of the Indians are using services developed by other countries. Let's take a quick look at what those reports have to say.

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WhatsApp is the Most Used Social Network Application

According to the data given by Libra, it is shown that WhatsApp is the most used company in India and that too with mobile data, which is followed by Facebook, Gmail, Messenger, etc. As you can see in the image, most of the Chinese users use their own WeChat application.

Photography Apps

In the photography department, the most used photo editing application is the Google Photos followed by the popular Picsart. In this department, there is no single app developed in India.

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Music and Video Apps

One of the most interesting aspect to look at. In India, most of the people use Google Play Music as their default music player, which is an expected thing. Google also introduced the Google Play Music Store in India last week. Other than that, you can notice that JioMusic is on the list as well. 

Games Category is Lead by Candy Crush Saga

The most addictive game-Candy Crush Sage is still leading the chart with the most number of users. Not far away is the Subway Surfers. 

News Apps

According to the provided data, India's news apps are far behind the Chinese ones in terms of active penetration and Average Weekly Openings. In this category, Daily hunt is leading the way by a long run.

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