This WhatsApp message can crash your phone

A new spam WhatsApp message can probably crash the app on Android and iOS.

    It is not new for WhatsApp to be a source for spreading spam messages. While most spam messages are not problematic, some could be sent with nefarious intentions. The latest news is that a new message being circulated on WhatsApp can potentially crash the app on Android and iOS devices. It is also said to leave an impact on the whole system of the smartphone.

    This WhatsApp message can crash your phone


    According to a Reddit post, a message reading, "This is very Interesting! ...Read More" is being circulated on WhatsApp. If you click on Read More, then the message will crash the app. It is said to affect both Android and iOS devices. If you receive the message, then you have to restart your smartphone.

    A few days back, there was another spam forwarded message making the rounds on the instant messaging platform. This one read, "If you touch the black point then your whatsapp will hang", followed by the second line with a 'black dot' and the words "t-touch-here". This one is also said to have an impact on the whole system of the device and you will have to restart your phone on receiving it. 

    Apart from spam messages, there are bugs as well on WhatsApp. One of the recent issues that surfaced online is the timestamp bug

    Stay away from spam messages

    These messages with the ability to crash your smartphone and the app are said to have hidden special characters, which can change the text behavior. A bunch of these symbols is said to cause WhatsApp to crash immediately. And, it could be annoying to restart the phone and the app when you are amidst important work. Sometimes, it might need you to uninstall and reinstall the app.

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    The best way to stay away from these spam messages is to stay away from clicking on such messages. Merely receiving such messages can probably freeze the app but you can restart your phone and delete the message. After all, restarting the app and your phone is not as dire as uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

    iMessage bug

    WhatsApp is not the only app to be affected by such spam messages. There are many other messaging platforms those have fallen prey to these buggy messages. Earlier this year, we came across a string of Telugu characters crashing iMessage. Apple had to roll out a fix in the next iOS update to resolve this bug.

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