Windows 10's new mail and calendar features to be rolled out to Gmail users

So many features in just one update!


    Microsoft came up with a good news for Gmail users. The company will soon start rolling out Gmail support to Windows Insider. This addition may take place in next few weeks before it is released to all the users widely.

    Windows 10's new mail and calendar features to be rolled out to Gmail

    If you are wondering whether you received the update or not, then you don't have to worry. You will be prompted to update your account settings if you are the luckiest one to receive the update early. In February, Microsoft updated their Windows 10 mail and calendar app with best features in it. When this update was released, these features were not working in Gmail accounts.

    Now the company said that it will soon release these features update to Gmail users as well. Let us see what these best features have got to offer.

    The biggest addition is Focused Inbox

    Focused Inbox is said to be the biggest addition in this update. This feature was initially made available only for Outlook users on iOS and Android. This feature separates inbox into two different sections.

    The first section by name Focused Inbox contains only important emails whereas another section contains remaining emails which are of less importance. Focused Inbox filters the mail by learning your mail habits. This feature worked well on mobile devices.

    You can easily get someone’s attention

    It includes a Mention feature which can be used to connect on email fast and easy. One just has to add @ symbol anywhere inside the body of an email. This pops up all the frequent addresses used by you and also gives you an option to access your directory.

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    After you pick any person' email address, their name will be highlighted in the message in blue color. This helps them to know that they have to take some action in your message.

    Colored categories

    A new category has been added in calendar app known as colored categories which let you categorize all the calendar events with the use of different colors. It helps in easily understanding your schedules and to find out which events matter the most.

    Displays travel reservation

    The calendar app started gaining some popularity now because of providing this much-needed feature in it. It has got the ability to display travel reservations as well as package delivery details.

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    If you have included any such event in your calendar, then Mail for Windows 10 will come up with a useful summary card having all the package delivery details or your flight reservation.

    Even some changes have been made in the locations feature and one can also add Skype for online meetings.

    Follow favorite events and schedules

    The calendar app helps you in keeping up with the things that interest you. The company has recently introduced Holiday Calendars, where one can track and plan their vacations, festivals or other events.

    Now they have come up with a similar feature called as Interesting Calendars which helps you to keep track of TV schedules and also any of your favorite sports teams' calendars.

    You can do more with calendar invites

    Other than the above-mentioned features, one can also make use of a fun emoji picker, and a people picker which lets you to quickly browse and select any contacts, when you are thinking of creating a calendar appointment.

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    Not just this, you can use Windows 10 People app to know more details on someone in your calendar.

    How will it work for Gmail users?

    If you want all the above features to work in your Gmail account, then firstly you have to sync a copy of your email, calendar, and contacts to Microsoft's servers.

    All the changes made by you such as composing emails, deleting emails or scheduling appointments are synced back to Google to keep everything up to date.

    If you're a Gmail-using Windows Insider, then don't worry. You will soon receive the prompt to test out all these best features offered by Microsoft.


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