Nuance announces Nina: The Biggest Threat to Apple Siri

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Nuance announces Nina: The Biggest Threat to Apple Siri

Get ready to witness the cat fight between the much-popular virtual assistant Siri and its biggest threat Nina.

After instigating Apple's Siri and releasing several useful apps, Nuance Communications is all set to take the app world by storm with its virtual assistant "Nina".

Nuance Communications' announced its "virtual assistant for mobile customer service apps" -- Nina on Monday August 6. The Siri-like feature is now being offered as a software development kit (SDK) for both Android and iOS developers.

Nina is being touted as the first voice recognition app that lays equal stress on understanding the user, as well as what is being said " by combining Nuance's speech recognition with text-to-speech, voice biometrics, and natural language understanding".

Nuance Enterprise Division executive VP Robert Weideman averred that "Nina is a watershed innovation for the automated customer service industry, not only because it brings the virtual assistant directly into an app, but because it raises the bar through its level of interactive dialog and language understanding".

Weideman also noted "For the first time on a mobile device, our virtual assistant doesn't just understand what you said and what you want, we can actually understand who said it."

Unlike Siri, Nina can distinguish who the speaker is - you or someone else - thanks to the voice biometrics. If the app can tell it's you and not another individual, it makes the need for passwords redundant. This human-like aspect makes Nina a welcome change, with a distinct possibility of it acting as a security feature.

How Does Nina Work?

Just like other voice recognition apps, Nina will require a network connection to function. Nina dials up to the cloud or the "Nina Virtual Assistant Cloud" in order to deconstruct what is being spoken.

Additionally, Nuance has also focused on natural language navigation within Nina. This aspect negates the need for users to memorize the "trigger words", a series of common words or phrases a voice-recognition app knows and uses to process commands. With Nina, users can simply tell the app whatever they wish and phrase it any way they desire.

Currently Nina hosts a generic female voice in the app. Company promises that it will support up to 40 different voices as the popularity of the app increases.

Nina also has an Open SDK which allows developers to add this interactive voice technology to popular Android and iPhone apps which is a major advantage compared to Siri which cannot function with third party apps. Nina is sophisticated enough to understand the difference between a regular voice input and a new voice input. By this way you will able to know if someone else uses your phone.

Competition to Siri

Nina will be a stiff competitor to Siri with its interactive dialog and understanding of language. Android and iOS users will be able to avail this app later this year. The platform is currently undergoing developmental changes. Nina is expected to be a huge booster for the automated customer service industry as it brings virtual assistant directly into an app.

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