VLC Android app does not support all devices

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VLC Android app does not support all devices

For users of any smartphone or tablet, its a dream to play media files seamlessly on the device. Now, the launch of the VLC application has got them a step closer to this. The long awaited VLC app for Android which was under development for almost a year has come to the Google Play.

VLC Mobile Team has designed this application and it is still in the beta version. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with all the Android devices. It will work only on Android devices that are equipped with the ARMv7 processors as they support NEON media processing engine. VLC claims that the other versions of this app that support all devices are on their way.

This application is available for free on the Google Play Store. It is called VLC Beta (NEON version) and it was made available on Google Play last week. The unofficial build of this app was posted online in March.

The VLC Android app assures to bring most of the features that are available in the desktop version of the popular media player. The description of the app warns the users that the current edition is not stable and it is slower. The final edition will be perfect and will support more devices. Moreover, the beta version is mainly focused on the power users and it is not for the normal consumers.

The current version can play most of the audio and video files and also network streams. It has a media library for the audio and video files and it allows the direct folder browsing. It supports multitrack audio and subtitles and also includes features like auto-rotation, gestures for volume control and aspect ratio adjustments. It has a widget for audio control and supports headset control, cover art and many more features.

Click here to download the VLC Beta (NEON version) for Google Play. 

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