DSLR or Mirrorless? Which one is right for you?

Confused which one to buy?


    After the emergence of DSLR(Digital Single-Lens Reflex), there has been a myth everywhere that no camera will match this device when it comes to photography. Even experts believe the same without harnessing some worthy features of other cameras.

    DSLR or Mirrorless? Which one is right for you?

    Especially with the plummeting price of DSLR, people started forgetting other devices which are used for capturing moments. It's not just this, there are various other mirrorless cameras which offer you with some exciting features to try. So one just have to find which device suits their style of photography and helps them capture the pictures, the way they want.

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    You have come to the right place where we will discuss both good and bad in these two variants.

    Size and Weight

    Mirrorless camera offers significant benefit when it comes to its size. This camera doesn't require the flip-up mirror mechanism and light-reflecting prism, thus offering such a small size compared to DSLR.

    Because of its small size, it weighs less too. On the other hand, DSLR is big and huge in size making it difficult to carry around.


    Viewfinder in mirrorless camera displays more accurately how your picture looks like before pressing the shutter. Whereas DSLR uses the optical viewfinder, hence accuracy is comparatively less though you adjust ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

    Mirrorless cameras use electronic viewfinders, so you can see the effect in real-time and avoid trial and error method to capture a good image.

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    The mirror of DSLR has to be flipped up if you are using it in live view mode to compose a picture on LCD display. Since the regular AF module is no longer present in the light path, it has to switch to other slower contrast system using the image captured by its sensor.

    This results in slow autofocus compared to mirrorless. That is, mirrorless camera use sensor-based autofocus always which are much faster than contrast AF modes on DSLR.

    Battery life

    The battery being another important aspect, people always opt for a device having long battery life. DSLR consumes less battery power when compared to mirrorless.

    No power is consumed if you view an image through the viewfinder of DSLR, and therefore one can capture thousand pictures or more than that on a single battery charge.

    Since battery being smaller in a mirrorless device and it operates in live view mode all the time, power consumption is very high.


    Here comes another thing which plays an important role while buying any product. One might think the mirrorless camera will cost less compared to DSLR because of its size. But you are wrong.

    A fully-featured DSLR camera is available in the market for a lesser price. Whereas, mirrorless is costly because of lack of lens option.


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