Fuji’s mirror less camera

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Fuji’s mirror less camera

Fuji is a name that’s one among the most trusted by the world when it comes to buying a camera. Years of experience in the field has earned Fuji a reputation that still drives the company to bring about revolutionary ideas and designs in the camera and other image capturing devices.

Very recently the name made head lines when Fuji reported officially their work on its own interchangeable lens camera. Recently several images of camera and lenses have been found making their way into some websites.

Fuji and Rivals

Competition for Fuji is stiff with equally respected manufacturers of high end image capturing devices like Nikon already announcing their own new products with similar features. They developed a first of its kind camera that uses a sensor and CX mount and thus entered the interchangeable lens market. Now it’s Canon, another leading camera manufacturers that’s due its course to set its foot in the sector. However the company is reportedly working on something which is kept confidential. Fuji has adopted a different strategy and has already announced the launch of their own interchangeable lens camera that the company promises to be the best among the other available models under the same genus.

There are still many unconfirmed facts or assumptions on the camera that has been rumored about but it’s believed that the device will be a game changer. The pictures released on net depict an unfinished camera from Fuji. More pictures are getting released on a daily basis now. Images of the front view of the camera are one among the new addition of images of the mirror less camera from Fuji. The camera according to reviewing experts will be available for clicks under the title X1 or LX10 and there are unconfirmed reports of its official launch next week at the PMA event. But the general expectation is that it will be released at some time in February.


The looks of the camera is great with its unique features

  • Retro rangefinder stylized design.

  • In the released images of the camera, the lens can be clearly found to be a 35mm f/ 1.4 lenses which is a favorite of photographers.

  • A view finder is reportedly included in the new Fuji camera and it’s definitely not a hybrid viewfinder as found in the X100. A LED light is also found which probably is intended to give assistance for video shooting.

  • The pictures also have what it appears to be built in microphones for stereo audio on the sides of LED.

  • An autofocus light is provided right below the view finder.

For more details on price and other attributes, let’s wait for the official launch.


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