Lytro launching new light-field digital camera in 2012

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Lytro launching new light-field digital camera in 2012

2012 sure is going to be a memorable year where you will be witnessing the coolest gadgets integrated with the latest technologies. One of the first gadgets sporting revolutionary technologies this year is called the Lytro digital camera. Lytro digital camera functions just like any other point and click cameras, but with a very cool technology.

All you have to do is just point and click. It doesn’t go like any other snaps. It’s like capturing a picture with numerous cameras around it, and then processing this image to make it look best with the help of a computer. The photographers will also be able to focus on any part they want on the captured image after capturing it of course.

According to Lytro’s Kira Wampler, Lytro digital camera is far better and advanced than the conventional cameras. Conventional cameras as we all know usually throw away the light’s direction in the room. But the Lytro digital camera, according to Kira Wampler, is a lightfield camera which captures all of light’s direction in just one click.

Features of Lytro digital camera:

  • Very easy to use

  • Unique and compact design with 8x optical zoom

  • Features only 2 buttons – Shutter and power

  • Intuitive glass touchscreen that allows users to refocus or view the pictures directly on the camera itself

  • HD quality image

  • Can turn on instantly and has instant shutter which makes the camera amazingly fast

  • Sturdy yet Lightweight anodized aluminum body

  • No shutter delays as well, hence autofocus isn’t required

  • Innovative lightfield sensor which is capable of capturing 11 million light rays of data including the rays’ direction as well

  • Can work perfectly fine in environments with low light without requiring Flash

  • Comes in 8 GB models capable of storing 350 images and 16 GB models which can store 750 pictures

A Lytro desktop application accompanies the Lytro lightfield digital camera. This desktop application is free-to-download software which allows the users to easily import pictures from the camera’s storage to the computers. But the application currently works well only in Mac OS X. The Lytro app also lets users view the images, edit them, share them or sort them as desired.

The captured images can be focused over and over again to your liking and make the most of the captured memory. The 8 GB Lytro digital camera is priced around Rs 21,000/- while the 16 GB Lytro digital camera has a price more than Rs 25,000/- in India.

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