Aakash tablet to be used in Bahrain

Posted By: Rahul

Aakash tablet to be used in Bahrain

The world's cheapest tablet computer, the Aakash which is developed by the Indian Government has impressed an Indian school in Bahrain. Yes, according to reports, the Indian school has reportedly expressed interest in acquiring the Aakash. This comes as a shot in the arm for the Indian Government which is already reeling in the aftermath of the Aakash failure in India.

The first set of the Aakash Tablet will be distributed among the students of class 12 followed by the students of class 11. The Indian School management in Bahrain said that the Ubislate advanced model will be acquired by it for students in higher grades. The Ubislate lower version will be made available to students in the lower grades.

This reportedly will help the students in preparing better for their examinations. The authorities also feel that through the Aakash tablet, the students will be able to make informed decisions in their careers.

Thus, we can say that the Aakash has surely impressed people in the foreign countries more than India. But is this good news?

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