Amazon plans for 6 new Kindle Fire tablets

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Amazon plans for 6 new Kindle Fire tablets

Those who have reading as their passion love Kindle Fire tablets as they combine the features of a tablet and a e-book reader. There is more good news for them as Amazon is planning for launching 6 new Kindle Fire tablets at a stretch.

Even though, no exact details about these upcoming Kindle Fire slates are known, trusted sources revealed that there will be immense improvisations to intensify their challenge to the tablet giant Apple and also the newly announced Google Nexus 7. As per the unofficial reports, one among the new 6 models will be a 10 inch tablet for competing with iPad.

The news from trusted sources confirms that the newly arriving 6 tablets will be featuring different sizes and variety of features to meet the demands of various kinds of consumers. Amazon is about to boost up the foundation they have build in the tablet market with this new models. Some other news about the new tablets is that they will feature really impressive gaming features too.

Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet, which was launched earlier, tasted success in the tablet world and is even rated as an adaptable media consumption device. The new initiative of Amazon seems to be a part of their strategy to counter the competition thrown by Google's Nexus 7 tablet, which was recently announced. Many experts believe that Google Nexus 7 will give a tough challenge to Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet in terms of features like e-book reading and collaboration.

These new tablets from Amazon are expected to come on advanced OS versions and more connectivity and social collaboration features. We need to wait to see how these six models would be positioned and differentiated in the market place.

There is no idea on when these new Amazon Kindle Fire tablets will reach the tablet market, but there is a hint like they may hit the shelves most probably by this Christmas. There is no word on the pricing details of these tablets, as well. Amazon fans are hoping that the new tablets will come in a comfortable price range too taking a leaf out of the Google Nexus 7 model.

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