Will Amazon sell the Google Nexus 7 tablet?

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At first, you might be shocked to hear that Amazon is having a second thought of selling the Google Nexus 7 tablet on its site. There is only a little possibility for this.

The online retailing king is in discussion with the search engine giant, Google regarding the Nexus 7 tablets stock. Amazon surprised the consumers with the Kindle Fire tablet last year. This is a budget friendly device with the custom Android experience of Amazon.

Though the Kindle Fire is an Android tablet that is affordable, it cannot completely compete with more updated and advanced Google Nexus 7 which is powered by the Android 4.1 Jellybean, the latest version of the OS.

Just because Amazon is talking with Google regarding the Nexus 7 tablet, it does not mean that it will rule out the idea of selling the Android tablet. The discussion could result in something very different as well.

Considering the rumor that Amazon will be launching an advanced version of Kindle Fire, it is quite hard to believe that it will sell the rival Google tablet. But, when it comes to business, the competition is always great.

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