AMREL's ROCKY RT9, RK9, RF9 laptop range

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 AMREL's ROCKY RT9, RK9, RF9 laptop range

American Reliance is a well reputed company that has established itself a brand name in the manufacture of high quality laptops as well as computers for the military, industrial as well as medical purposes. The latest products they have launched in to the international market include the launch of rugged laptops namely ROCKY RT9, RK9 as well as RF9. All the three laptops are expected to be a major upgrade from their earlier versions with more reliability, sustainability as well as flexibility. The devices are more powerful and are capable of storing data-heavy applications.

AMREL has said in an official statement that the updates they have made in the latest versions are in terms with the end user requests. All the three versions of the rugged laptops are expected to arrive with a lot of user friendly features and specifications. The rugged laptops are extensively used in the industrial purposes such as construction purposes and military as well as medical purposes.

 Key features of Rocky RF9-1:

  • Display size of 17.1 inch that provides a superior screen resolution of 1440 x 990 pixels.

  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

  • 320 GB of SATA HDD hard drive.

  • Supported by Wireless LAN, WAN as well as GPS and Modem.

  • 2GB DDR3 1066 MHz of memory is used which can be further expanded to 8GB.

  • The operating system used in the device includes Windows 7 professional as well as Windows 7 ultimate versions with 32-bit and64-bits option.

  Key Features of Rocky RK9-M:

  • Screen display size of 15.1 inches with a superior resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels.

  • Windows 7/Linux compatible operating system.

  • 2GB DDR3 1066 MHz of memory.

  • Standard 320 GB of SATA HDD hard drive.

  • SSHD as well as secondary drives are also available in this device.

  • Available in Black and silver for the industrial version.

  • Available in green color for the military version.

  • Standard 87-keys keyboard with touchpad.

Key features of Rocky RT9-M:

  • Screen display size of 13.3 inches that has a superior resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

  • Display screen makes use of Anti-reflective TFT LCD technology.

  • Upgradeable DVD ROM used.

  • Other common features like processor, operating system as well as memory capacity and hard drive capacity is almost similar to that of Rocky RK-9 M as well as Rocky RF9-1.

All the three versions of rugged laptop are capable of running multiple applications in a single computer. One of the latest technologies named Field-expedient Flexpedient ® solutions are used in these rugged laptops and are used for the communication, robotic control as well as sensor management purposes.

The price tag of Rocky RK9-M, Rocky RF9-1 and Rocky RT9-M is unavailable as per the sources.

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