Attitude Daksha 7 inch tablet for Rs 5399

Posted By: Rahul

Attitude Daksha 7 inch tablet for Rs 5399

It seems that the the Indian Government's Aakash tablet is not going to come out at all. People are resorting to consulting renowned astrologers and Pandits over the release of the Aakash. Reportedly, even astrologers have no answer as to when people who have booked their Aakash tablet will receive them.

At this juncture, an India based company, Telmoco Development Labs Pvt Ltd has launched a new low-cost tablet termed as Attitude Daksha.

The Attitude Daksha is another low cost tablet pc that can be seen as a competitor to the Indian Aakash tablet. Its price in India is Rs 5,399. Its features and specifications are all much better and more advanced than the Aakash tablet.

This tablet pc is expected to eliminate the sorrow that people faced over the Aakash tablet.

Its technical specifications are as follows:

  • 5 point touchscreen

  • 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor

  • 512 MB DDR3 RAM

  • HDMI Port, Micro SD slot, 3.5 mm audio out and Micro USB port present

  • OTG Connector present for 3G Dongle and also for RJ 45IAN cable

The Daksha can provide a battery backup of more than 6hrs even with Wi-Fi turned on. You can also watch full HD Videos on the gadget as well. It can offer 1080p full HD video streaming as well. There is a 400 MHz GPU for advanced flash apps, interactive apps and for full HD videos as well.

The Attitude Daksha is currently targeted at schools, professional institutions and at corporate houses. Its reach will be expanded very soon and more and more people will get to use this tablet. This wonderful gadget will be available in the market starting from May 15.

You can pre-order the Attitude Daksha from the Telmoco website.

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