10 Important VLC Media Player Shortcuts You Must Know!

    VLC media player remains as the preferred media player for playing songs and videos. VLC media player offers some very advanced features for playing your favorite songs and videos. It is a cross platform player and is available on mobile, desktop and tablet unlike other players that have a limited presence of either mobile or desktop.

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    The VLC Player continues to play several media formats that others players fall short off with the ability to open media formats that the player can access. However, VLC media player can be easy to use if you can use keyboard shortcuts instead of having to use too much of your mouse. Let's look at top 10 keyboard shortcuts that can be used with VLC Player:


    Play and pause music or videos with spacebar button on your keyboard.



    Key: P

    Press the "P" key and play the song from the beginning

    Key: S

    Press the "S" key to Stop the song or video


    Use the Ctrl+Up to increase the volume by 5% at the time


    Use the Ctrl+Down keys to reduce the volume by 5% at a time

    Ctrl + Right

    You can fast forward to a time of 1 minute. By using the Ctrl + Right buttons.

    Ctrl + Left

    You can jump the media file backward by a time of 1 minute using the Ctrl + Left buttons on the keyboard.

    Shift + Right / Shift + Left

    Jump 3 seconds forward using the Shift + Right buttons on the Keyboard. You can alternatively use the Shift + Left to jump 3 seconds backward.

    Key: V

    Toggle subtitles on/off by pressing the key "V" (if subtitles are available).

    Ctrl + W

    Ctrl +W will allow you to quit what you are playing, similar to stop but will close what you are playing and return to the main screen. 


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