Here are 8 questions to ask when you consider buying your next keyboard!

By Sachin

    You've just assembled your new computer on your own. Great graphic cards, faster processors and a great display. Now, all you need is a mouse and a keyboard to complete your desktop set. We talked before about how you can choose the mouse best suited for your needs.

    This time, we cover the basics of keyboards, and why the mechanical keyboards can benefit you the most.


    Even though mechanical keyboards are heavier, they have better build and quality, unlike others. They can withstand a heavy use and can last for years even after long usage.

    Gamers can use these type of keyboards due the accurate response of the keys. Writers too would enjoy the comfort of mechanical keyboards as the keys have great travel distance. The sound of the keys clicking too have a great feel to it.


    By now you must be wondering how a mechanical keyboard is different from 'the rest'. Mechanical keyboards are the ones with the bulky looking keys that you find in many offices. The sound of people clicking away on the keyboard is another clue to this. The keys need to be completely pressed for you to get a response.

    Membrane style keyboards are softer to use and have more sensitivity. You could accidently press the wrong keys with the slightest movement of the key. They quick and responsive, but you could end up using the backspace more often.


    Due to the quick response, gamers would not find membrane style keyboards so useful. Even the slightest key contact would get them killed. Writers too would not find it so comfortable if they found a lot of alphabets and grammatical errors. Mechanical keyboards have a better response and a writer would actually be comfortable using it.

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    Both these types of keyboards cost the same. But things would be better if you try out the keyboards first at a local store before you get one.


    Yes, it is really important that you use the keyboard for the amount of noise it could generate while you're clicking away your thoughts and words. Too much noise would get you distracted, while the least noise would let you know that you've pressed the key you wanted.


    The keyboard switches can be changed according to you needs. You can get switches in various colors to make it look good fo your gaming purpose, or to change the feel of the keys to making it more comfortable to use while you work.

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    Looking for a keyboard manufactured by reputable brands is always a must. The ones manufactured by Logitech and Microsoft are great purchases to consider.


    Just because someone says that their experience with mechanical keyboards was not great does not mean it will be the same for you. Like we said before, it best to try out the keyboards at the local store before you purchase it.

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