Key Things to Know Before You Buy a New Computer

Buying a new computer is a different experience today.

    Sometimes, buying a computer can be really tricky. As such, the choice in PC types and styles has changed over the past decade and buying a new computer is totally a different experience today.

    While computers used to be just desktops or laptops, the computer world has changed dramatically with the increasing popularity of newer devices. Every computer manufacturer now gives you a choice between hybrid tablet computers, convertible laptops, and desktops. 

    Key Things to Know Before You Buy a New Computer

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    Further, all machines are created differently in terms of their hardware. Well, not all computer users' needs are alike, and not everyone might need certain things included in a computer, especially those features that are pushing up the price.

    Thus, you now have many factors to consider when buying your new computer. Moreover, you need to make sure you're making the right purchase so you don't blow your money on something that stops meeting your demands within a year.

    So to help you buy the right computer, here are some key things you should consider before making the purchase. This guide should help you get a better understanding of what components of the computer are important to consider and make it easier to decide what you need.

    Types and Styles

    Well, this might be the simplest choice to make. However, the choice that you make can have a big impact on the overall cost of your computer. If a laptop and desktop come with the same performance specs, then the desktop will be cheaper. As the laptop comes with the ability to cram a lot of components into a small space and the need for a battery, the price of the laptop is usually higher that the desktop.

    On the other hand, if you need a computer on the go, then you need to get a laptop. Laptops are great for portability and allow you to work anywhere and anytime. You could choose a laptop depending on the work that you intend to carry out.

    So, if you are planning to have a steady workstation and don't need to run around, you can consider getting a desktop and save some money or spend what your budget allows and get a computer with higher specs.

    An added benefit of a desktop is that it's easier to keep it cool, change parts and upgrade components that will keep your machine from falling to meet the constantly increasing demands of the digital world.

    The Computer Processor

    Well, the processor is the brain of the system. Also known as CPU, it handles all of the calculations and operations that make the software do what it does. A basic truth is that a faster CPU (meaning higher MHz/GHz) will result in a faster system. So, if you want a fast computer that boots up programs in a flash, completes tasks as soon as you start them, and doesn't keep you waiting, then you should choose to have the strongest processor available in the market.

    However, you have to know what a processor is all about when you look at the details. Do not look at numbers. Do some research and find out the best one. 

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    This is a common thing that happens. Like the CPU, people often choose RAM by numbers. While it's a fact that having more RAM will boost your computer's performance and lets you multitask, you also have to know that RAM controls the internal speed.

    For example, if you check out the specifics of the RAM on a computer and see that it's DDR2-800, you will know that this is a faster memory than DDR2-400. The last number signifies how many millions of data transfers the RAM can make each second.

    RAM is one of the cheapest components of a computer, yet it can boost performance by a noticeable amount. Don't look only at the size, but also at the speed, and buy the best you can afford.

    Hard Drives

    What happens is people often judge a hard drive's worth based on how much data it can store. Some people think that a 1 TB drive is automatically better than a 500 GB drive, But it is not exactly true.

    What's more, hard drives not only have size and capacity but also speed. And this speed can be a differentiating factor between computers. For example, hard drives spinning at 5400 RPM are going to be a bit slower than hard drives spinning at 7200 or 11000 RPM and this means that accessing the data on the hard drive will be that much slower. So buying the fastest drive whenever possible is a good investment.

    Essentially, size is important, but so are speed and lifespan. Also, do read reviews and guides to gauge the lifespan of a particular hard drive model.

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    For some, the bigger the monitor the better it is. But that might not just be the case when you shop for monitors. You'll notice that there are a ton of specifications that you can choose from such as screen size, screen type, contrast ratio, update frequency, color depth, power usage, etc.

    So you should not only consider size, but also the facets of a monitor that will impact your daily. Make sure it has the right connection ports. Read reviews and make sure it has a good lifespan. If possible, check it out in a store before buying it.

    Consider What Your Purchase is For

    You need to consider what the purpose of the computer and the functions you want it to perform. Is it for home use, work, gaming or art? Work computers have different uses and different needs from cash registers to high-end computers capable of performing real-time 3D animations and extensive gaming.

    Evidently, most mistakes come arise due to the lack of technical knowledge about computers. Now that you have an idea of the key things to consider before buying a computer, you can get the right computer and avoid spending more money. 

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