Mac vs PC: Top 10 Reasons Why Mac Wins The Fight

By Ankit

    Mac is a computer developed and sold by Apple Inc. A PC is generally a Windows machine, powered by Microsoft, developed by different manufacturers. There has been a lot of tension among users of each kind about which one is better.

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    Aside from personal biases and preferences for each category, there are certain factors in which a Mac just stands out. Here are the top 10 reasons why a Mac is better than a Windows PC.

    Mac vs PC #1

    There was an era when PCs used to be huge and heavy and boring, but then came the Mac from Apple. With a transparent and sleek body, the Mac of the 1970s changed the way people saw personal computers. Now they stood for style and the company has since maintained their stand, recently launching the world's slimmest laptop - MacBook.

    Mac vs PC #2

    Starting with the 1984 Superbowl classic to the Manila envelope Macbook Air advertisement, Apple hasn't shied away from displaying their Macbooks as a symbol of superiority, something that they remain till date. Even Mac vs PC ads have been shown on paper and TV commercials, showing how aggressive this fight can get.

    Mac vs PC #3

    What's the one reason you buy a PC? Windows, right? Well, you can dual boot Windows on a Mac, with OS X, duh! On the other hand, it is definitely impossible to boot Mac OS X on a Windows machine. Even if you count a hackintosh, that is technically a Mac PC and not the other way round.

    Mac vs PC #4

    One thing that Mac computers are famous for is their durability and refined software. Whether you have a new Mac or one that is 3 years old, you can just put it on sleep for weeks at a stretch and it will show not an iota of lag. Compare this to a Windows machine and you will rage quit the PC once a week.

    Mac vs PC #5

    Windows software is open source and, therefore, susceptible to virus and spyware attacks. Guess how many viruses have been found on Mac since launch? Yes, zero. With that unparalleled amount of security, a Mac is the safest bet you can make when getting a machine for sensitive or confidential files.

    Mac vs PC #6

    The trackpads on a Mac are just like your smartphone, they support multi-touch and make tasks like scrolling, closing, opening and moving a breeze. With features like Pinch, Scroll, Swipe and Rotate, the trackpad is another bit of genius that came from somewhere inside Apple's innovative bandwagon.

    Mac vs PC #7

    A lot of surveys across the world have concluded that, among consumer technology companies, Apple's customer support and service is the best by a huge margin. The Genius Bar at their service centres has been named the most effective process of managing and resolving any issues that customers have with their Macbooks.

    Mac vs PC #8

    This point is based on the simple premise that - PC users buy a PC because they have to, to accomplish work. Mac users buy a Mac because they want to, because they enjoy the experience on a Mac computer. A lot of PC users have shifted onto Macs for the experience, but how many have shifted in the opposite direction? Think about it.

    Mac vs PC #9

    Okay, this point needs some explaining. You are probably agitated because you have thought that Windows machines are cost-effective options. The truth is they are quite not. This cost is not just monetary; it includes the time delays and headaches that a user needs to face while using a PC. Get a Mac, please.

    Mac vs PC #10

    The biggest argument from Windows users is that Macs are useless in terms of hardware and are better off as paperweights. Well, the design and unibody of the Mac can make it quite the attractive paperweight; much better than the ugly plastic shell on most PCs.

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