Most efficient PC configurations for various types of people

    Always building a PC for the first time can be very challenging and in fact, choosing between the AMD or Intel processors is a tedious one for sure. Not only the processor but also for the graphics cards --Nvidia or AMD as well.

    Most efficient PC configurations for various types of people

    However, you can try many combinations when it comes to PC components, but the best configuration is that which optimizes a PC performance and gives best user experience. Today, we have jotted down some of the various computer configuration that you can use.


    For those who do multimedia stuff like video editing, 3D modeling, the user needs to have at least 2TB of space. When it comes to RAM, you have to throw as much as you can within the budget.

    It should be at least 16GB or if you are pushing the system pretty hard it's worth going over 64GB at the moment. Talking about the Internet connection, and if you want to show your work as you go, you probably want a decent upload speed on your internet connection as well.

    Moving on to the CPU, you need as many cores as possible and as fast as possible. You can choose an i7-5960X processor for a better value proposition than a 12 core or you can go with Xeon as long as you're willing to overclock the chip past 12 cores. When it comes to the graphic card, make sure you buy one that can drive multiple high-res monitors.

    Students/Casual use

    In this case, most of them use PC for study purpose or for watching videos related to studies or preparing power point presentation for the class. Here, they can choose the OS as Windows with a minimum of 8GB RAM recommended.

    In terms of processor, students can opt for Intel Core i5 or equivalent with minimum storage capacity of Hard Drive/SSD with 256GB or larger. If budget is not a constraint, they can go for MacBook Pro or Air which gives you a smooth user experience.

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    When it comes to building a gaming PC, it can be expensive and building your own rig can cost you even more. Talking about the component, the i7-7700K ends up as the best high-end choice for a CPU.

    Moreover, the i7-7700K will prove to be fast CPU for gaming. While there are many motherboards available, Maximus IX Hero sits comfortably in the midrange area of premium boards.

    The quantity of RAM will have more impact than the clock speed of the RAM, so it is safe to have a 32GB RAM. Moving to GPU, without any doubt, we are opting for the GTX 1080 Ti. When it comes to power supplies, EVGA's G2 series is a favorite.

    The 850W maximum load is plenty for this rig and leaves plenty of room for a second GPU as well. Also on the cooler part, it is good to have Corsair's Hydro series of CPU coolers for a good solid base.

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