Having Trouble with a Slow Computer? Try Out These 4 Ways To Speed It Up

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Purchasing a new computer might turn out to be pretty expensive for some, especially for those who like to buy gaming PCs that are priced at the higher end of the scale. In that case, you might have to consider why you are planning to upgrade your PC.

Try These 4 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

The prime reason that you are looking for an up-gradation could be that your PC is slowing down considerably and you might be looking forward to purchase a new one to get better performance.

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Here, you will get to know some simple and cost-effective ways to upgrade your computer and let it breathe a new life without actually changing it completely. Check out the ways to easily upgrade your computer from here.

Try These 4 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Upgrade the RAM

RAM is responsible for the performance of memory when the PC is running. Anyhing that is running on the PC will be stored temporarily in its RAM. In case, you exceed the abilities of the RAM by running more apps than it can actually handle, the machine will use your hard drive space for the purpose of temporary storage.

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The hard drive storage is much slower than the RAM so it will make your computer slower. Keep in mind that a larger chunk of RAM will speed up your system. So, you need to upgrade the RAM to make your PC run faster and this is an easy process.

Try These 4 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Upgrade the Graphics Card

Usually, the graphics cards will steal a portion of the device's RAM for the purpose of graphics rendering and also a portion of the processor for graphics processing. If you upgrade your graphics card to something that has onboard memory and a dedicated processor, it will help in increasing the performance of your PC. This way, you will free up your RAM.

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Try These 4 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Install a Lightweight OS

Sometimes, even after trying out the above-mentioned steps of upgrading the RAM and graphics card of your PC, you might get the desired results in terms of performance. In such cases, you might have to do something else.

Well, Windows is great, but it requires heavy system resources. So, you can replace the OS to something lighter such as Elementary OS. It is quick and completely free and it will give a boost to your computer's performance.

Try These 4 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Install a Solid Slate Drive

A Solid State Drive or SSD is a high-performance replacement that is done for the hard drive. It has no moving parts and it is pretty quick. Using an SSD for your operating system will give a large and normal mechanical hard drive to house all the files.

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With the options given above, you can really give a new life to your PC that has failed to perform faster. Give it the much needed upgraded to make it faster once again.

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