Things that you should know about Hard Drives

    With the rise of SSD in the computing industry, the extinction of Hard drives is near. So what exactly do Hard drives have? There are headers and the magnetic disk inside the HDD. The header is used for reading and writing data and the magnetic disks are captivated into tracks and sectors to store the data.

    Things that you should know about Hard Drives

    Whenever data is written on an HDD, it is stored in the form of hash tables and index tables. Today, we bring you some of the interesting facts about hard drives that you should know.

    IBM Model 350 Disk File was the first hard drive created by IBM in 1956. At that time, the capacity of the hard drive was 5MB made by Apple in 1981 and priced $3,200.

    Its cabinet was about the size of a refrigerator and the whole thing weighed around 250 kg.

    Things that you should know about Hard Drives

    The first hard disk drive with 1GB threshold was IBM's 3380 Direct Access Storage device introduced in 1980 with a capacity of 2.52 GB and a data transfer rate of 3 MB per second.

    Contrary to IBM's huge mainframe hard disk drives, the first "personal-sized" HDD was introduced by Seagate in 1980 to implement it on personal computers. The Seagate ST-506 was priced at $1,500 and had a capacity of 5MB.

    Things that you should know about Hard Drives

    A 5 MB hard disk drive from Apple cost $3,500 in 1981. That's $700,000 per GB.

    Talking about the size, it took 24 years to shrink a room-sized HDD to the more familiar portable shape we know today.

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    Facebook, stored around 300PB (petabytes) in their data centers in 2013 and YouTube is estimated to have 15 years of footage uploaded daily, stored around 500PB of data in 2015.

    Hard disk platters are made out of expensive materials -- platinum for its thermal properties, as well as ruthenium for its magnetic properties.

    Accordingly to Moore's law, the amount of data stored by industries doubles every 1.2-2 years.

    In fact, the average cost per GB has over the last 30 years gone from way over $100,000 to just a few cents.

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