Microsoft to Release Surface Tablet On October 26 Alongside Windows 8

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Microsoft to Release Surface Tablet On October 26 Alongside Windows 8

Microsoft the software giant has stated sending invites to the tech media world for a special “Surface Reception” event to be held on October 25, 2012.

It is widespread that the Mountain View Valley company will release the Windows 8 OS on October 26 and the devices based on the same will be made available soon after the release of the OS.

As per a recent TheVerge report, a company spokesperson has claimed that Microsoft will be releasing the highly anticipated Surface tablet on October 26 midnight alongside Windows 8. Also, the Surface tablet will start selling from October 26 onwards.

Interestingly, select Microsoft holiday pop-up stores will be open at the late hour to start selling the devices immediately after its release.

Though the pricing of the Surface tablet has not been confirmed by Microsoft, the company's CEO, Steve Ballmer has hinted that the tablet could be priced between $300 (approx. Rs 15,500) to about $700 (approx. Rs 36,00) or $800 (approx. Rs 41,000).

Back in August, a rumor was floated that had Microsoft selling the Windows RT version of the Microsoft Surface tablet for $199. If this turns true, it would certainly become a new competitor in the the low-priced tablet game that is led by the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, both priced at $199. But with its 10.6 inch display, the Surface would provide a much larger screen than the 7 inch panels on the other low-priced units.

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