Zen 4 Based AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Desktop Processors And AMD Socket AM5 Platform Announced


At Computex 2022, AMD has officially announced its next-generation desktop CPU lineup -- Ryzen 7000 series based on the all-new Zen 4 architecture along with a new AM5 platform. When compared to the previous generation CPU, the Ryzen 7000 claims to offer a 15 percent increase in single-core performance with better power efficiency.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Desktop Processors Announced

All CPUs in the Ryzen 7000 series are fabbed using TSMC's 5nm manufacturing process. These CPUs offer double the amount of L2 cache along with higher clock speeds when compared to the Ryzen 5000 series of desktop processors. These are also some of the first CPUs from AMD that can maintain a steady clock speed of over 5GHz while gaming.

The Zen 4 cores now offer 1MB cache per core L2 cache with up to 15 percent more single-core performance. A select number of Ryzen 7000 series processors can maintain a clock speed of over 5GHz using Max Boost technology. High-end models of the Ryzen 7000 CPUs use chiplet technology along with RDNA2 graphics.

The AMD Ryzen 7000 series of processors will use the new AM5 platform. The new socket uses a 1718 pin LGA socket with up to 170W of native power support. Similarly, it also supports PCIe Gen 5 along with DDR5 RAM support. Interestingly, one can use a cooler from an AM4 motherboard with an AM5 motherboard.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Desktop Processors Announced

A motherboard with an AM5 socket can also support 14 SuperSpeed USB support with up to 20Gbps data bandwidth. The motherboard can also support up to 4 independent display output support. In terms of wireless connectivity, there is support for up to Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 LE network.

There will be three levels of AM5 chipsets -- the AMD X670E, AM5 X670, and AM5 B650. Brands like Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI will be some of the first brands to launch motherboards with AM5 chipset. Besides, the company has also partnered with PCIe memory brands for the upcoming PCIe Gen5 SSDs. When compared to PCIe Gen4, PCIe Gen5 drives will offer over 60 percent faster read and write speeds.


AMD also showcased the capabilities of an upcoming 16-core Ryzen 7000 processor with a peak clock speed of 5.5GHz. In a rendering benchmark, a 16-core AMD Ryzen 7000 processor also outperforms the Intel Core i9-12900K, indicating the fact that the Ryzen 7000 will have at least one CPU that can outperform Intel's flagship model in both single-core and multi-core performance.

Pricing And Availability

AM5 motherboard and Ryzen 7000 series of CPUs will be available in the market starting this fall. The new AMD Mendocino-based laptops will be available in Q4 2022. With the new Ryzen 7000 series, AMD should be able to compete against 12th Gen Intel Core processors.

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