Chipset Shortage Likely To Surge RAM And SSD Pricing In Coming Weeks


Building a PC is already an expensive affair, all thanks to scalpers and crypto miners, which has made it impossible to get a CPU or GPU at MSRP. The situation is going to get worsen in the coming weeks, as a source has confirmed that the prices of RAM and SSD will go up by at least 20 percent in the coming weeks.

Chipset Shortage Likely To Surge RAM And SSD Pricing In Coming Weeks

A source recently spoke to Gizbot and confirmed that RAM and SSD manufacturing companies are now charging 20 percent more to manufacture memory devices such as RAM and ROM. This means the end consumer has to bear the increase in price.

Building A PC Will Get More Expensive

This also means procuring new components like DDR5 RAM and PCIe Gen4 memory will be an expensive affair. Almost all the DIY PC components are currently retailing at a higher price, which also includes parts like PSU, which are also in huge demand, especially the gold and bronze rated models.

What Should You Do?

If you are planning to build a PC in the coming days, try to procure products as early as possible, and don't wait to order everything in a single shot. When compared to GPUs, RAMs and SSDs are slightly affordable, which gives users golden windows to procure these parts before the prices go up.

You can also look for used parts, which will be available at a discounted price. Again, going with pre-owned parts will have their own challenge and make sure they work as per their specs before making the payment. Also, make sure that the products you get are cross-compatible to ensure a stable computing experience.

Chipset Shortage Likely To Surge RAM And SSD Pricing In Coming Weeks

Chip Shortage Is Affecting Almost Every Business

It looks like the global chip shortage will continue to haunt several consumer tech businesses for the next few months. The chip shortage is caused by the sudden increase in the demand for electronics due to the pandemic. This had a positive impact on brands, where a laptop, smartphone, and tablet makers have shipped a record number of devices in 2021.

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