LPDDR5X Vs LPDDR5 In-Depth Comparision: What's The Difference?


JEDEC, the solid-state technology association have now announced a new standard for the low-powered memories -- LPDDR5X, which is an improved version of the LPDDR5. As one can expect, the LPDDR5X (JESD209-5B) offers faster data transfer rates with over 33 percent performance improvement.

LPDDR5X Vs LPDDR5 In-Depth Comparision: What's The Difference?

LPDDR5 standard came to mainstream flagship smartphones in 2020, and most of the premium smartphones launched post that period are being equipped with LPDDR5 RAM. Given JEDEC has officially unveiled the LPDDR5X standard, we expect the upcoming flagship smartphones to use the same.

What's New With LPDDR5X?

LPDDR5X offers a peak max rate data of 8533Mbps, which is 33 percent higher than the LPDDR5. LPDDR5X has a max density of 32 Gbit, and it is a single-channel memory with x16 width. It also offers signal integrity improvements using TX/RX equalization along with reliability improvements using Adaptive Refresh Management technology.

We can expect to see LPDDR5X memory modules from Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology, and Synopsys. Micron Technology has also confirmed that the upcoming 5G smartphones will come equipped with the LPDDR5X RAM. Not just that, the fast memory will also help smartphones to offer better gaming, media streaming, and photography features.


LPDDR5 offers a max data rate of 6400Mbps, while the LPDDR5X offers 8533Mbps. The LPDDR5X does this while consuming the same voltage (Max 1.1v), which is now variable, hence, one can lower the data rate by reducing the voltage.

Due to the increase in the data rate, a smartphone with the LPDDR5X RAM will have a memory bandwidth of 68.26GB/s. Thich should help to increase the performance of both CPU and GPU, this results in an overall smartphone performance improvement. Lowering the data rate will reduce the power consumption, hence, the LPDDR5X is actually more power efficient when compared to the LPDDR5.


It is now said that the Xiaomi Mi 12 is expected to be the first smartphone to feature LPDDR5X along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 SoC, and all the phones with the Snapdragon 898 SoC are likely to use the same LPDDR5X RAM. Hence, we can expect to see smartphones with the LPDDR5X RAM probably in Q1 or 2022.


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