Samsung 512GB DDR5 7200 RAM Teased During Hot Chips 33


If you were overwhelmed by the fact that you could buy memory kits with 256GB of RAM on a single stick, then this news might surprise you. Samsung has officially announced its first DDR5 RAM with a whopping 512GB of memory on a single stick.

Samsung 512GB DDR5 7200 RAM Teased During Hot Chips 33

DDR5 will soon replace the current DDR4 RAM. The latest JEDEC standard for RAM also offers faster memory speeds while consuming lower voltage, which makes it a worthy upgrade. However, you might not be able to buy the 512GB RAM from Samsung, as it is meant for corporates and is made for servers.

Samsung 512GB DDR5 7200 Specifications

The specs numbers of the Samsung 512GB DDR5 7200 are in line with the JEDEC standard with 1.1 volts of power. The company is using Same-Bank refresh (SBR) technology to reduce power consumption and is set to be at least 10 percent more power efficient when compared to DDR4-4200 type-RAM.

The latest Samsung DDR5 RAM utilizes DFE (Decision Feedback Equalizer) technology to offer improved signal stability, which allows the company to achieve those higher memory speeds.

To offer as much as 512GB of memory on a single stick Samsung has adopted eight-stacked packaging technology, where the brand can stack up to 8 DDR5 dies and still achieve a slimmer profile when compared to a DDR4 RAM with 5-dies stacked one over the other. The memory also uses the on-die ECC (ODECC) functionality, which improves yields of memory using per-die ECC topology.

Samsung 512GB DDR5 7200 Availability

Samsung's 512GB DDR5 RAMs will go for mass production by the end of 2021. Hence, it is likely to go on sale by early 2022. As of now, there is no information on the pricing details of 512GB DDR5 RAM and various memory speed options for the same.


On the consumer front, we also expect to see the launch of DDR5 RAM with a lower memory count by 2022, where the next-generation CPUs from Intel and AMD are likely to support the latest memory standard to improve energy efficiency and performance.


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