A Laptop In Your Portable Purse!

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A Laptop In Your Portable Purse!
Who told only men are techno-savvy? Nay In today's modern world, girls are also equally competent to become technically updated! The leading electronics company Sony, understands their mind and that is why they are coming out with an ultra-portable "netbook"- Vaio P computer that will fit in any aspiring career woman's purse.

The stylish Vaio P has most of the features that you can find in any laptop. It has a webcam, GPS, a built in 3G modem and it will allow the users to go online just by inserting your sim card.

This lightest eight-inch net book will assist you to do everything that its equivalent bigger size models would do. Unlike many other small laptops its keyboard is very easy to use also! The laptop is aimed at people who need to check their emails, edit the documents and surf the net when they are on move.

The basic model of Vaio P will cost you 849 pounds. A faster-operating netbook with more memory will come to your hands with a cost of 1,370 pounds. Now, it is let for you to choose.


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